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Will movies be the end of Cung Le?

One of the reasons I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about Cung Le is because I look at his past performances and I just can’t reconcile the Cung I saw having a hard time against Sammy Morgan with the Cung I saw beat Frank Shamrock soundly. But our bud Ariel from Jarry Park is working on a new MMA site called MMARated, and he basically asked Cung why he sucked so hard against Morgan compared to Frank. Here’s what he said:

Let me just explain about the Morgan fight. That was a tough time with my life … I was in and out of divorce court with my ex. At the time I had 100% custody of my child which I still do, but there was just like court after court after court, twice, three times a week with different matters from the kids to the assets.

And at the same time there was a movie that I couldn’t say no to because it was a Kevin Misher production and it was with Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard, an Academy Award nominee. Basically I was just all over the place, I had to fly to New York 3 times in one month, the month I fought. It was fly up there, shoot all day, then fly back. Basically they were so impressed with me that they kept flying me up and putting me at the beginning of the movie and at the end of the movie.

And I just had an awesome fight scene with Channing Tatum and if there’s a fight people will always remember I think this could be the fight.   We both got injured. Channing ended up in the hospital with double vision. And my body was just all jacked up from getting slammed and all the crazy things we did for this fight. I took the risks and it paid off, but I went into the fight and my timing was off and my conditioning was not at 100%. But for Frank I blocked everything out and trained three months nonstop for this one.

While hearing this makes me think the ‘real’ Cung Le is the one that looked very good against Frank Shamrock, it also makes me wonder which Cung Le is going to show up for title defenses down the road. If the Cung that struggled with Sammy Morgan is the Cung that tries to balance acting and MMA, I think that could be the Cung that shows up at a Strikeforce show down the road. Either that or we’re not going to be seeing him defend that belt very often.