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Will Jake Shields stay with Strikeforce?

Scott Coker on Jake Shields:

“At the end of the day, Jake has something he feels his value is and we feel the value is in a certain area, and there’s a discrepancy there… It has nothing to do with a bidding war, it has to do with, what is the value of the fighter? And the value of the fighter, to me, is based on: does he get great TV ratings? Is he a great fighter? Does he put butts in seats? And every fighter is different. Does he have that X factor to become a superstar. So every athlete we evaluate differently, and most of the time, the fighter feels that their value is slightly higher than the promoter is willing to pay.”

Jake Shield’s dad / agent on Strikeforce:

“The facts are that Jake was either the main or co-main event in four of the five CBS cards, including the most-watched card. They never heavily promoted Jake, even in the Henderson fight.If you do less promotion, you’re going to get less viewers. To put it on Jake is kind of harsh, in my opinion. But we still have good feelings with Strikeforce. There [are] some people at the company … that feel like Jake is already gone (and that) he’s already made his decision. I think it’s because Dana brought him up (to Sacramento for WEC 48) and sat next to him. And Dana’s been saying he’s gone. They may be feeling like, ‘Oh well, he’s going to leave anyway,’ but we haven’t made a decision. We’re still working with both companies – and in good faith.”

Dana White: