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Will Florida approve Ken vs Kimbo?

EliteXC might have decided that they don’t give a shit about Ken Shamrock’s safety by booking him against Kimbo Slice. But fortunately there’s another layer in place to make sure this fight is merely morally corrupt as opposed to health-endangering. MMA Fanhouse spoke with the Florida Athletic Commission about the possibility of the plug being pulled on this bout:

But before the fight can go down at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida, it must be approved by the Florida State Boxing Commission. And Alexis Antonacci, press secretary for the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, which oversees the Boxing Commission, told me today that such approval is not a foregone conclusion.

“In terms of his record and the number of times he’s been knocked out, we would look at that prior to the physical examination,” Antonacci said. “When the matchmaker puts people together for the fight, they have to be approved by us.”

Shamrock vs. Kimbo has so far passed through Florida’s initial approval process, but Antonacci stressed that “we haven’t done a full check on each of the fighters.”

That last sentence isn’t exactly heartening. The fact that initial approval has already been given means they didn’t look at the records of these guys and go “What the Fuck???” like everyone else in the universe did. So now things come down to whether Kenny boy can pass his physicals. I’d say that wouldn’t be difficult but I’m still a little suspicious on account of ProElite shipping Shamrock off to the UK for his first fight with them. That move never made much sense past avoiding commissions and testing, so it will be interesting to see what comes up, if anything.