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Why Yoshida vs Kikuta might not suck

I’m like the Microsoft Encarta of MMA knowledge, my knowledge runs deep. But when it comes to Japanese MMA, I will admit that I don’t really get it. I mean, I can APPRECIATE it: the screaming bitch, the ring announcer with his retarded mohawk and tuxedo. It’s also amusing when Sakuraba dresses up like an anime character. But do I understand what fuels the scene and drives it forward? Nah, not really.

Last week I shit all over Sengoku for booking Hidehiko Yoshida vs Sanae Kikuta. As far as I was concerned, Kikuta was a terrible choice and no one really gave a damn about him. But as usual, I missed the real thread going on here: Yoshida is big because he’s a judo guy, right? Wel, Kikuta is also a big judo guy. He hasn’t really accomplished anything in Judo, mind you … but he was apparently the student of Toshihiko Koga (the dude in the above video), and that apparently matters a whole bunch. Awesome by association?

Me, I’m still not impressed … but I am perfectly willing to admit that I don’t get it. Give me retarded gaijin shit like Yoshida vs James Thompson. Give me something epic like Yoshida vs a returning TK. I know that Sengoku is being put together for the Japanese and they don’t care what I think or want. But that’s not going to keep me from bitching and whining about it like an ignorant fucker!