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Why UFC 78 sucks

Okay, we’ve gotta make some clarifications on our stance for UFC 78. Yes, we’ve been whipping this bitch for weeks now since they announced Evans/Bisping as the main event. Have we gone overboard with our criticism of the event? Sure. But hey, this is Fightlinker, not

The reason we hate on UFC 78 is because it continues a disturbing trend that was established back at UFC 67 when Travis Lutter didn’t make weight. When asked why he was so pissed about Lutter’s weight, Dana said “This is a fucking pay per view and now it doesn’t have a title shot. That fucking sucks.” Yes Dana, it does suck.

But once the seal was broken, non-title UFCs have slowly become accepted. UFC 70 got a pass because it was shown for free on Spike. But then we had UFC 72 on PPV, with the dog of a main event being Rich Franklin vs Yushin Okami for #1 contender. But hey, at least the fight MEANT something, right? Right???

Not so for UFC 76 : Knockout. Main event on that card … Keith Jardine vs Chuck Liddell. No belt. No contendership. Just the promise of a slugfest. But hey, at least we got to see Chuck Liddell, right? Right???

Now we’re at UFC 78. Main event: Rashad Evans vs Michael Bisping. Jesus ballsack Christ, people! I ‘understand’ that this wasn’t the UFC’s plan a, plan b, plan c or even plan d. But come on, now. There comes a point where you have to say “You can’t continue to feed me crap and call it caviar.” While the UFC couldn’t come out and say “Yeah we know, the main event is kinda weak”, they could have at least dropped the PPV price or something.

Simple matter of fact is that if the UFC can get away with these tepid main events, they’ll do it. Rather than busting a nut and doing what they have to in order to fix their card, they’ll take a poo on a plate and serve it up with a smile. And that’s something everyone should be against on principle, no matter how many great sleeper matches are on the card as well.

  • igorpunck says:

    “why UFC 78 Sucks”??? Just look at the poster for the event, the answer is right there. Sugar Vs Cunt as a main event? BLOWS Donkey balls!!!

  • stellar53 says:

    quit your whining bitches, this weekend you may have the chance to see some of the best fights of the year…..seriously

  • Lifer says:

    Have you been reading their trashtalk articles on That shit is guaranteed to be 10x more interesting than their actual combat.

  • Wu Tang says:

    It is a torrent DL worthyness… at best a low quality torrent DL…

  • igorpunck says:

    Trash Talking 101 by Tito ORTIZ. Bisping trying too hard to hype up the fight. No doubt it’s promising to be a great fight, UFN worthy though. Karo is the man, he will save the day.

  • Dru Down says:

    I guarantee that main event goes to a decision as well. This PPV suffers from poor timing. None of the title holders are in a position to defend; even worse, the timing sucks for #1 contender matchups as well.

    HW- Randy- nuff said. Nog , Sylvia, and Kongo are the lead contenders, but they can’t schedule Nog until they find out if Randy will take the fight, Sylvia just fought, and obviously that leaves Kongo with no one to fight.

    LHW- Apparently Rampage still can’t even make a fist, so it’ll be some time before we see a belt fight. Also, every LHW better than Bisping and Rashad fought in the last two months.

    MW- Silva just fought, and everyone else in the division blows dick.

    WW- Belt on TUF Hiatus til December’s event, #1 contender spot already locked up by GSP. Closest thing to a contender’s fight is the Karo vs. Chonan fight on this card.

    LW- Sherk. No point in lining up contenders until they’ve determined whether BJ/Stevenson is for the interim or actual belt.

  • intenso says:

    The UFC needs to employee fewer fighters, and put on fewer PPVs.

  • AlexK says:

    I don’t understand why MMA fans get so caught up in the title-shot story lines, instead of enjoying the shows for the actual MMA. You need to re-examine why you’re a fan of MMA if a belt is necessary to hold your interest.

    My 2 cents.

  • stellar53 says:

    Alex K is 100% correct….imo

  • dignan says:

    I hate watching Rashad fight. Just because he kicked Mr. Salmon in the lid, doesn’t mean he is good. Evans vs. Ortiz was a complete snore…they both deserved to be fined for that travesty.

    I personally didn’t think that Bisbing/Hamill fight was so lopsided…and found it hard to believe that so many thought Hamill won it outright.

    My understand of MMA has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 8 years, and continues to do so. I love watching a fight for the title, and when there are grudge matches, but overall I just want to see GREAT fights.

    UFC 72 was the best event put on this year, bar none. It didn’t look like it would be on paper but the quality of the fights were great in the end. I am hoping the same for 78, but its doubtful.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I’m also pissed about the card, but IMO, this shitty card is 10x better than the best card any other org can put up. Also, Houston “you gotta problem” Alexander is on the card and Thiago Silva owes him drug money, so at least one person on the card will get seriously fucked up.

  • schmengee says:

    so do “the event sucks” contingent wish the event didn’t exist at all? non-title fight aside, it’s still a UFC event with UFC fighters getting in the cage and beating the shit out of each other. And last time I checked, Karo, Edgar, Fisher, Gono, etc aren’t brawlers they pulled off the street. I’ll take the fight…

    And if you need to make things interesting, throw some $ on the event, that’ll give you someone to root for…

  • frickshun says:

    Linker, everyone is missing the point. This would be a blockbuster UFN. But for a PPV it just doesn’t pop. I don’t give a crap about title fights but contendership matters. It would be nice if they could have shoved Hendo or Predator (Sokoudjou) against someone. If they gave us some bigger names it might have helped. Also, I saw this coming when they started the stupid ass Hughes Serra TUF delay. Now you have all these exciting fighters shelved b/c of that. Then the Sherk thing (boy am I sore about that). I would have loved to see BJ in Jersey. Or have Nog fight a decent fight where he doesn’t get knocked out (okay, almost) for the right to fight for the belt. Why hand it to him when his only fight in THIS ORG, was not pretty. I love the guy as a fighter but his debut did not make any casual fans think he deserves the title fight. Even Big Daddy Stevenson doesn’t deserve the “interim” title shot. Has he beat any big names? I like his game but he’s still raw.

  • marshal says:

    I’d rather they put together good fights like these, then another Dana vacation break. That was a long fucking fuck fuckedy fuck time without UFC fights!

  • Accomando says:

    Dignan, Salmon got kicked in the gills, not in the lid, cause he is a fish; although he is a can too, so the ‘lid’ comment works as well, my bad.

  • Audacity says:

    AlexK: Thanks for finally saying it. The only problem is that the main event is going to be fucking boring. So far each non-title fight main event (except maybe UFC 70) has had at least one loser no one wants to see in it: Lutter, Okami, Jardine, Evans/Bisping. If it was Shogun vs. Wanderlei Silva, that would be awesome. But, it doesn’t seem to happen that way and it’s probably because these things happen when their planned and entertaining fight falls through. The fact of the matter is that when there’s a title on the line, we can say, “At least it’s for a title.” So this is a main event with no name power, no grudge and no title…what DOES it have? But hell, Matt Serra beat GSP, so anything’s possible this year…it could be the most entertaining fight in UFC history.

  • Ok you cry-babies (don’t worry, I still love you, regardless). Everything is relative. I think it’s a serious misnomer that you are labeling UFC 78 as “sucks”. Take away all other UFC fights and compare 78 to the rest of the organizations’ cards out there and it’s still the best thing going (oh sorry, I know what an IFL fan you are – haha). However, I completely agree that it’s not up to par with recent UFC cards though. I mean that’s a given and isn’t really telling anyone anything they don’t already know. To say it “sucks” is a bit premature. Let’s see the fights first because if may turn out to be an entire night of Griffin vs Bonner 1 – you just never know.

  • Prozac For All says:

    The measuring stick that I personally use for gauging how girthy of a turd a UFC event is goes by the name “The UFC 72 meter”. Compared to UFC 72 this show is decent, even if the 2 guys headlining it are charismatic like Rosie O’donnel and both coming off of losses. It’s all about perspective. We can always pray for a double knockout and/or mainstream MMA’s first fatality, so all hope is not lost.

  • TommyD says:

    Before they started putting TUF, IFL, BODOG, WEC and the ever boring FOX PRIDE repeats on cable TV I used to have to be satisfied with watching my King of the Cage DVDs with 120 fights for 9.99, my Pride DVDs volumes 1-5, etc with 40 plus fights and so on. Now I can watch more MMA now than I ever could for free and I want to keep it that way. I am going to sit down this Saturday, pay the doggone $39.95 and ‘watch me’ some fights.

  • frickshun says:

    TommyD, barring your previous transgressions, I agree with you. People sound a little spoiled. We are still getting a bunch of top fighters on the card. Maybe not elite close enough. This card would be better than any card put on by any org (barring Pride of course) ever. And some of those fools have the audacity to charge the same amount for their PPV.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    AlexK is totally correct. Most of you obsessive story-line people seem to have lost touch with what an exciting show is. My favorite show this year was Liddell-Jackson, even though that was the only “good” matchup on it. Every single fight on that card was exciting and watchable. I think theres a decent chance that 78 will be the most enjoyable card of the year, regardless of lack of title fights.

  • intenso says:

    if you pay $30 for this shit, you must live in your mom’s basement

  • koolpaw says:

    UFC bought and absorbed DSE`s PRIDE. So u cant blame them for holding an event “UFC Bushido”, right? RIGHT?