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Why Quebec is fucked

I did a bit of a shitty job explaining WHY Quebec seems to be messing around with MMA again, so I’ll try and summarize that right now. It’s a bit of a triforce of retardation that leads us to the situation we’re in today. First off, the RACJ recently replaced the director of combat sports, Mario LaTraverse, with a guy named Richard Renaud.

When Stephan Patry tried to put on a shootboxing type event that used different rules, Renaud dusted off Quebec’s MMA regulations and realized that while Quebec was one of the first places to adopt Unified rules in 2001, no one ever bothered to add them to the books. That obviously opens the government up to all sorts of horrific legal liability, so something had to be done. But rather than just ratify the Unified Rules, Quebec has reverted back to what they have on the books from the 90’s: some bullshit ‘mixed boxing’ crap.

One would imagine that it wouldn’t be hard to bring the RACJ up to speed with what the commission has been informally using for 10 years. But instead we’re stuck in a situation where we have a buttfuck government organization canceling MMA events because THEY don’t have their shit together (and refuse to do anything about it). Who knows when they’ll get that sorted. Remember: this is the same organization that claimed they didn’t even know the first UFC Montreal event had happened.

It sure was nice of the UFC to step in last time and muscle people around. But now that we don’t have a big UFC event already scheduled, I doubt Dana and the gang will ride to the rescue and patch things up any time soon. At least not until next April when the UFC wants to come to town again.