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Why Nick Diaz hasn’t made it yet

I haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet (my family is in town for a few days so I’m behind on my watching), but I’m assuming that Nick Diaz really whupped Katsuya Inoue’s butt, because this morning we have Mike Sloan asking why Nick Diaz hasn’t been recognized as the second coming of Christ:

I haven’t been able to put my finger on why Diaz is shunned by the bulk of MMA fans in America. Granted, he hasn’t fought in the UFC since November 2006, and his last fights in the Octagon weren’t promoted to the extent of main card bouts, but there has to be some sort of lingering reason why Diaz isn’t marketed as much as many of his peers.

This is but an excerpt from Sloan from a 9-paragraph soliloquy on how Nick Diaz is the best and exciting and all that WITH a bag of chips. To me, it seems quite obvious why Diaz hasn’t become a household name yet: he’s inconsistent. And not just inconsistant in his record, but inconsistent in his performances.

Following his performance against Takanori Gomi, Nick Diaz was brought into EliteXC with the idea that he’d be one of the promotion’s superstars. But that hasn’t worked out so well, mainly because he looked sluggish and terrible against Mike Aina and then got schooled by KJ Noons. Add in the weed suspension and the fight cancellations and you’ve got a guy who’s fans even wonder if he’s got his shit together.

Nick Diaz certainly does have all the talent in the world, and he shows it off from time to time in spectacular fashion. But let’s not allow a glimpse of the ‘good’ Nick Diaz cloud our judgement here. There’s a nice long line of underachieving fighters who never live up to their potential because they’re just too inconsistant. Vitor Belfort comes to mind, and right now so does Nick Diaz.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    I agree he isnt the greatest, not the most exciting but he comes to fight every time.

  • I’ve never been a Diaz fan, either of them, but Nick does know how to fight… sometimes. His last few fights have sucked and he seems to punch like a girl. Plus he can’t speak English and is kind of weird.

  • The trouble is his boxing style. Hit hits a ton of light punches and takes a ton of damage while doing it.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    He doesn’t use his Jiujitsu as much as he should. Dumb game plans. Against Mike Aina he should of took him to the ground.

  • caspersghost says:

    it was a shit performance, against a guy who should have been a couple of weight classes below him. His punches were exposed as being retarded, even with 500 acurate clean shots the fight was only stopped because the guys corner got bored. I can’t believe how hot and cold I feel about Diaz, he’s got talent but fights stupid.

  • Popetastic says:

    I don’t think he’s underachieving. I think he’s just not very good. Aside from a pretty awesome comeback win over (a pretty poor-looking) Gomi, he’s never done anything particularly impressive. His attitude sucks to boot. I just don’t see any reason to like the guy. His brother Nate acts exactly like him but adds an irritating speech impediment to the equation. He’s yet to fight anyone of substance, but is already being heralded as a contender in UFC’s solid 155 division. I think the Diaz brothers are OVER-rated if anything.

  • Higgz says:

    It could also be the fact that he whines like a 5th grade girl who just skinned her knee in about not getting any love in all of his profanity laced interviews…that’s just a guess.

  • Gza says:

    Did you spell “inconsistent” inconsistently just to be a clever Trevor?

  • Lifer says:

    he’s one of my favorite fighters and i think he has some of the most accurate striking in MMA today.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    Think Anderson Silva most accurate striker in mma. I like Nick Diaz just that he needs better gameplans. Pittypat punches dont do enough damage. If he were to do that to distract his opponent for a take down then ok but if thats all hes gonna do then hs dumb.

    Nate Diaz just beat Kurt Pelligrino who’s pretty good. I dont think hes underated, annoying YES but still a young fighter working his way up.

  • Wad says:

    I’m personally a big Nick Diaz fan and I certainly see how some people dismiss him as being inconsistent, etc. He has had spotty results, but I am hopeful that he is going to come into his form now that he has had a good win in DREAM and coming back to an EXC fight next month.

    I thought he did great against Inoue. Whomever said it was just stopped because his corner was bored is on crack. Inoue clearly has an iron chin because he was eating bombs from Diaz toward the end. He was essentially out on his feet but just wouldn’t go down. Diaz didn’t stop though, and kept blasting him. Good on him.

    I thought the most positive thing I saw from Nick in the Inoue fight was his really heavy body-shot work. He was rocking Inoue’s body routinely and it was having a noticeable effect. I think body shots are so underused in mma.

  • Asbel says:

    Around the end of that fight, if Nick had thrown punches with his core and leg behind his punches, he would have gotten an exciting KO. Fights stopped by arm punches aren’t exciting.

  • Nick Diaz is in my top 5 fav fighters!

  • yenny says:

    Diaz may be inconsistent, but not underachieving. That’s Vitor Belfort.

  • caspersghost says:

    Bombs? He was twice the other guys size and he still couldn’t rock or drop him with a ton of unanswered punches. Less devestating, more lame imo.

  • dignan says:

    Nick Diaz fucking rules. He rules for everything mentioned in FL’s negative points.

    Nick is Nick.

  • Lifer says:

    that’s his style. he’s like a meat tenderizer for your face and guts.

  • The Truth says:

    Diaz blows, he is over-rated

    He lost to Aina (even though he got a BS decision), and got BEATDOWN by KJ Noons (who?, exactly)….and yes, he beat the crap out of Inoue, but his style is full of flaws.

    Any decent striker would have took Diaz’s little girl jabs, and thrown a straight right counter to put him on his ass. Inoue landed some hard punches, he just didn’t let his hands fly enough

    Look at Diaz how he did in the standup against a boxer like Noons, he got WORKED

  • Spork says:

    Diaz reminds me of Wanderlei in that he has the skills to beat people on the ground but wont use them unless the other guy takes him down just to put on an exciting fight.

  • Lifer says:

    he’d operate well in the IRON WING then. over there 10 seconds of grappling is apparently lovemaking.

  • andres says:

    ^which it should be everywhere!

  • CacophonyKid says:

    Let’s not forget that Nick Diaz KO’d Robbie Lawler.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    People are frickin stupid that continue to say that Diaz doesn’t have power in his hands. That started in a well known blogger’s diatribe and people picked up on it like it was truth. (Linker didn’t help with his Stay-Puff bs…)

    If you are honestly dumb enough to think that Diaz doesn’t have power, talk to one of his opponents or trainers. Not only that, but they comment on how it seems to come out of nowhere because of his style. If you still insist on being stupid, LOOK AT ANY OF HIS OPPONENTS AT THE END OF THE FIGHT!!!! Their faces are always bruised and busted and welts on the body. Lifer said it accurately, “that’s his style. he’s like a meat tenderizer for your face and guts.”

    I can understand, however, that some of this false impression comes from the fact that Nick throws a lot of shots to measure for his harder punches. As long as people understand the difference….

    Some people seem to think that you can only be considered to have power if you knock someone out! Just like a lot of people like to say that Fedor lacks power because he hasn’t dropped anybody (not counting Zulu nonsense). How about Herring’s or Nogueira’s faces after a few of Fedor’s ground punches? Both Diaz and Fedor pack enough power to do a lot of damage and that wins them a lot of fights!

    It’s just ridiculous, but I guess a lot of people haven’t watched a lot of boxing like I was force fed….

  • GonzoDamon says:


  • MarleyMarl says:

    He smokes to much weed to be good haha

  • caspersghost says:

    @GonzoDamon, Look at Gomi’s face at the end of thier fight He looked barely marked, while Diaz was all kinds of fucked up. This is dispite the fact that for every 10 Diaz landed, Gomi landed one. Aina laughed at his punches.