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Why Mike Kyle is a scumbag

I know Strikeforce’s 205 pound division is barren like Jennifer Aniston’s womb, but is it really so terrible that we have to consider Mike Kyle a legitimate contender in the division? CagePotato reminds everyone of why he’s a walking example of how you can be a dirty fighter and disgusting vile person and still stay involved in the scene because no one really cares that much:

We’re talking about a pretty lengthy jacket of offenses here, remember. In Kyle’s first appearance on the national stage – his Octagon debut at UFC 47 in April, 2004 – he was accused of biting Wes Sims on the chest en route to a knockout victory. In his next fight at UFC 49, he repeatedly kneed Justin Eilers in the groin before Eilers got around to KOing him. Then there were the eye pokes against both Tsuyoshi Kosaka in Pancrase (Kyle actually won that one by “technical decision” … thanks, Japan) and Krzysztof Soszynski in his Strikeforce debut, which was a ruled “technical draw.”

The boorishness culminated with an 18-month suspension and the apparent “career ruining” Ranallo referenced after Kyle kicked downed opponent Brian Olsen in the face during a 2006 WEC event and then attacked Olsen with punches when referee Josh Rosenthal called it a DQ. Kyle had to be restrained by both Rosenthal and Herb Dean and – after he unrepentantly tried to schedule a fight in Idaho a month later – was deemed likely finished as a relevant fighter.

Then EliteXC – working hand in hand with Strikeforce – booked Kyle for the co-promoted Shamrock vs Lee card. Up until then he was a fight leper but after that it was off to the races again. Since then Kyle has managed to keep things clean but personally I have no idea why he’s even allowed to fight at all – he should have already lost the right to compete in MMA several times over: the bites, the eye gouging, the soccer kick (more like a football punt) that collapsed his downed opponent’s face. The guy is a pile of shit and Strikeforce promoting him is a disgrace.