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Why Kevin Iole is stupid

Michael Rome tackles media bias and the UFC, specifically breaking down why Kevin Iole comes off as such a bell end:

I think the greatest harm from restricted access and the UFC’s media strategy is latent bias.   Many fans accuse Kevin Iole of being a UFC shill, but I think that characterization is completely wrong.   What shill would bash The Ultimate Fighter the way he did on Steve Cofield’s show?   Instead, it comes off that way because he is new to MMA, and his views of the sport have been influenced in large part by Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta.   When he takes their side in a dispute or sounds like he has a pro-UFC bias, it is not as if he is a pravda columnist doing it intentionally.   That really is his opinion, it is just shaped by people who are far from objective.

So in short, Iole just doesn’t know any better because his main source of UFC info is … the UFC. I can’t say I disagree with this assessment (although I’m less forgiving of it). My bet is that compared to most of the ‘major’ MMA bloggers, Iole probably reads about 10% of the content we do on the sport. I literally can’t sleep if my google RSS reader has more than 70 unread stories in it. Iole on the other hand probably sleeps quite well at night, knowing that any info he needs for an article can be provided by the fine people in the UFC’s PR department. And hey, why not go right to the source for the information???