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Why isn’t everyone fighting for a dollar???

(Hermes Franca is another fighter who’s thrown down for a Washington)

The big wacky news from yesterday was OMG SOMEONE 4 ELITEXC WUZ FIGHTING FOR A DOLLAR. Yep, that’s right: Moyses Gabin was down on the athletic commission books as being paid 100 cents for his fight against Jirka Hlavati (he won the fight too, by the way). The official explanation? Real payment was made by a third party that arranged the fight.

Now what I’m wondering is why the UFC doesn’t run some kinda shell game like this as well. I’ve always been amazed that the athletic commissions let all that ‘secret locker room money‘ go unreported. But fuck … if they’ll accept $1 payments as legit, then the UFC can just pay EVERYONE one dollar. That way retards like Tim Sylvia can feel better that Brock is getting paid the same amount he is.

  • Atom says:

    While it sounds good in theory, if the UFC was (even more) blatantly going around the NSAC etc’s effort to make them disclose fighter pay, it would hurt them with the commisions in the long run… or they’d probably just evolve the rules ala steroids.