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Why Gracie sucked

Most fighters are excited at the prospect of their prelim fight making it onto the pay per view. Rolles Gracie probably would have rather no one ever saw his. His entrance into the UFC was a massive flop – probably the kind of thing that few people would have paid much attention to if not for his last name. But when you’re a Gracie and you look less skilled than a Herschel Walker, that’s news. Here’s Renzo Gracie – one of his coaches – on the performance:

“It was embarrasing. I can tell you he wasn’t in that bad of shape. Fact is the nerves drained him of his energy. His stand up and ground work looked bad, nothing at all like he was doing in training leading up to the fight and it was if he couldn’t hear what I was telling him. I think the pressure he put on himself overwhelmed him. He’ll learn and be back.”

It turns out that nerves sapped Joey ‘the Mexicutioner’ Beltran’s energy too, so that puts them back on even ground. But wait! Another excuse! This one from ADCC champ Braulio Estima:

Estima worked with Gracie and said the UFC newcomer was injured and unable to train.

“His performance was nowhere near what we expected and what he expected,” Estima said. “He had a lot of injuries in training. He hurt his rib and that stopped him training for a while. But he was very excited to do it and he put a lot of pressure on himself. It wasn’t the best decision to fight.”

So that’s Gracie winning the poor performance excuse game with a score of 2-1. Or maybe we should give him an extra point for actually losing. Whatever the case, we’ll find out the next time Rolles steps into the Octagon if he really deserves to be labeled the giant shitty Gracie or if that last horrorshow of a fight was just a fluke.

(image via Sherdog’s UFC 109 pics)