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Why DREAM.7 ratings sucked

When everyone heard that DREAM’s latest show had only gotten a 2% rating, all the American bloggers freaked out. 2% seems really low, after all … the only thing lower than 2 is 1 and perhaps even 0 if you’re one of those fucking math snobs who think nothing is a number. Idiots. But now BloodyElbow fanposter and avid Fightlinker hater Smoogy puts the numbers into context:

As it turns out, DREAM 7 was aired at 1:20 AM local time on Sunday night. And unlike previous Sunday/Monday DREAM shows, it did not air during a long holiday weekend, but before a work day during the busiest time of the year in Japan. In other words, this was the worst time slot given to new DREAM programming on TBS by a wide margin. To compare this to previous events airing in prime time on big TV nights would seem ridiculous, but these blogs are doing it anyway.

Another piece of this puzzle which evidently has gone overlooked is the expectation for this event. It was put in a dreadful timeslot with no major stars and no real main event.

The average rating for the time slot on TBS, from what I gather, is about 2% to 3%. The Shinya Aoki vs. David Gardner fight peaked at 4% because it was actually aired out of order as the opening bout, ostensibly so people could watch it and then go to sleep!

An average rating of 2.5% is certainly not outstanding, but it is far from a disaster, or even being abnormal. Last year, a new Macross anime series debuted in the same time slot on the same channel to a 2.0% average and was considered a relative success.

Still, the fact that DREAM got stuffed into such a shitty timeslot in the first place doesn’t bode well for the company. These timeslots are where you stuff (a) crap you’re contractually obligated to show (b) niche programming for insomniacs (c) 30 minute infomercials on ‘male enhancement.’ It’s pretty sad that we’re hoping the show fits more into B than A, although perhaps there could be an interesting tie-in with C on the way. After Kinnikuman, nothing would surprise me any more.