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Why Coaches Need to Shut up

Ever make a stupid statement thinking it was brilliant? I’m guilty of that all the time. It happens when you have to provide opinion for a living, but when you are a coach, it’s probably best just to keep your damn mouth shut. Case and point, the latest words coming out of Arlovski’s boxing coach, Freddie Roach:

“As far as his stand up game, we’ll kill him,” says Roach. “If we can keep the fight standing up, if he chooses to fight us like a man, we’ll dominate him.”

If I’ve ever read a clearer sign asking Fedor to take Arlovski down and submit the shit out of him, I can’t recall. Seriously though, I’m sure in Freddie’s deluded mind, he thought “hey, I got this great idea: I’m totally going to call Fedor a pussy for not standing up, therefore giving my boy a chance.” Yeah, it sounded logical in your head, Freddie boy, except for the fact that Fedor doesn’t give a shit what you think. You just gave him the key to the city. He’s thinking: “Andrei is training in boxing, yes? Perfect. I crush him on ground (and imagine a cheesy Russian accent when you read this)”.

That’s that Russian mentality right there. Ruthlessness. That how you become a champ. You ignore the mind games the other guy is playing on you, and you read the underlying strategy behind it. Freddie knows Andrei is dead on the ground. Now, because he opened his big mouth, we all know as well.

Next time, just shut your fucking mouth, and don’t give out your game plan before a fight. Unless of course this is all a clever plan on the part of Roach, and Andrei is really learning some amazing jits, and his comments are intended to trick Fedor into going for a submission. Yeah, Roach is really that smart…