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Who’s Wanderlei gonna fight???

With his match against Chuck up in smoke for the upteenth time, it looks like Wanderlei Silva has decided to accept it and move on:

On his official site, Wanderlei Silva declared his desire to take on the man to defeat his friend and former training partner: “I would like, with the last event in mind and wanting to avenge my friend, to fight this Forrest Griffin. I think his would be a good name for me,” said Wand.

That fight is not likely to happen any time soon since Forrest Griffin is likely out of action until next year to heal the crater in his forehead. So who the hell is Wanderlei going to fight? Let’s get comprehensive and look at every fighter included in that cool Light Heavyweight thing they did for UFC 76:

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  • Chuck Liddell: Wow, wouldn’t that be nice? I wouldn’t mind seeing that one. It would be keen. And hey, for all of the signs pointing to the opposite, there’s always a chance this fight could still happen. After all, who knows what would happen if Chuck put his foot down and demand he gets this fight?
  • Matt Hamill : Out for knee surgery until next year
  • Alessio Sakara : Yeah right.
  • Kazuhiro Nakamura : Turfed for smoking the turf
  • Rashad Evans : The only way Rashad would be free to fight Wanderlei is if Tito bounces on UFC 78. So I suppose it’s possible, and even makes sense if the UFC’s in a pinch for a headlining fight.
  • Dan Henderson : He already fought Wanderlei earlier this year and twice in his career. A rematch is going to happen sooner or later, but later is more likely than sooner.
  • Stephan Bonnar : This would continue the fine tradition of the UFC feeding TUF fighters to incoming talent. If the UFC wants to build Wanderlei up rather than drop him right into the fray, Bonnar would be a good choice.
  • Tito Ortiz : As mentioned on this site, Tito said on Saturday that he’s fighting either Wand or Rashad. The fact that Henderson vs Ortiz was even floated by UFC brass proves they’re not too hot on having Tito vs Rashad headline UFC 78. So Wanderlei Silva fits very well into the headlining spot across from Tito. Also, Tito has a win over Silva from way way back at UFC25.
  • Houston Alexander : If Houston had one more devastating win under his belt, and Wanderlei had one dominant win in the Octagon, this one would make sense. As it is, I don’t see the UFC throwing this fight down just yet … it has the potential for big bucks down the road.
  • Lyoto Machida : Machida has the talent to make even the best fighter look unimpressive. I honestly don’t think the UFC has figured out what the hell to do with him yet. Well they know one thing : keep him away from the guys they’re trying to build up.
  • Michael Bisping : So long as the UFC continues to push into the UK with him as the sole figurehead, you won’t see Zuffa stacking him against someone like Wanderlei any time soon.
  • Keith Jardine : Chuck was supposed to get Wanderlei when he beat Jardine, so does this mean Jardine gets Wanderlei now? It’s a matchup that makes sense from that point of view, but doesn’t really set the world on fire.
  • Mauricio Rua : Out till 2008 with a knee injury, plus him and Silva are best buds. So put this one in the ‘it’ll never happen’ column.
  • Quinton Jackson : He’s out till 2008 with a hand injury.

So there you go: the entire LHW division laid out. And what should you take away from this? I dunno. Who’s to know what goes on in the minds of Joe Silva and Dana White. Sometimes they give the fans exactly what they want but other times you have to wonder what the fuck they’re smoking. To me, Tito vs Wanderlei makes the most sense. It saves the UFC 78 PPV and there’s a history between the two. After that I have to hope Chuck has the balls to pull a diva and demand Wanderlei Silva. If neither of those two possibilities occur, then we’re gonna see Jardine vs Wanderlei on NYE. Blah.

  • steve24 says:

    Fuck that. You need to fight Chuck. It’s time and and better than ever. Two supreme fighters both coming off two losses. Anybody disagree?

  • garth says:

    in my considered opinion, Wanderlei will fight Sokodjou.
    except by fight, i mean make sweet love, and by Sokodjou, I mean your mom.

  • steve24 says:

    If Dana and the UFC don’t make this fight happen on the 29th, they obviously are afraid of Chuck losing. Dana keeps saying he gives what the fans want to see. Their is no way he can dodge this one.

    what do u think fightlinker?

  • ajadoniz says:

    Tito FTW! But isn’t it too late, promotional-wise? Tito-Evans has already been put in the oven, but I guess you could take it out and stick Tito-Wandy in an easy-bake oven and still get a good enough product to chew on, even if it does give you the runs the next day.

  • steve24 says:

    Tito vs. Wandy? What kind of a fight is that. Wow, I see Tito trying to fuck him on the ground for 15 minutes. Tito has shown nothing in the last 2 years to even deserve a fighter of Wandy’s caliber. I’m so TIRED of Tito’s name being on the main card because of HIS NAME.

  • That’s just the way it is. Tito sells, so that’s that. I think Wand vs Tito is an interesting match, definately something i’d pay to see. As for Dana thinking chuck would lose, I think the main thing is there’s no upside if you book these guys against eachother right now. Whoever wins, the UFC ends up with a wrecked product. So in their minds it’s better to take these fighters back from the brink before putting them against eachother.

  • steve24 says:

    Fightlinker: So giving Tito vs. Wandy is a better idea? So Tito can just lay on him the whole fight. What about the rumors with Liddell vs. Shogun? If Chuck wins, the UFC ends up with “a wrecked product” and if Shogun wins the that’s 3 in a row for Chuck and the UFC loses on that too.

  • Xavier says:

    “Stephan Bonnar : This would continue the fine tradition of the UFC feeding TUF fighters to incoming talent. If the UFC wants to build Wanderlei up rather than drop him right into the fray, Bonnar would be a good choice.”

    More like Stephan Bonnar by RNC, round three. From the way things are going lately, it’s more like they’re feeding Pride veterans to TUF talent.

  • kentyman says:

    Back from the brink? They’ve already failed at that once with Chuck.

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    I deeply offended and irritated the Justin Mccully’s name didn’t come up one in this post. What the fuck fightlinker!!?

  • Teufel says:

    I think the most likely opponent will be Tito Ortiz now that Chuck Liddell’s spotlight has faded a bit and since both Griffin and Jardine are likely out until next year. It’d be the fight that they could put on that would generate the most interest and PPV buys. Zuffa would be retarded not to make this fight happen, especially now that the big money fight between Chuck and Wanderlei is dead for the time being. Winner of that fight would probably get the next title shot and make for another huge draw for Rampage’s next title defense… who wouldn’t want to see Rampage whup Tito’s ass or see Wanderlei try to knock Rampage out a third time? Win/win/win.

  • That’s what i’m tryin to say, yo. Fingers crossed.

  • Tommy says:

    I guess thats a way to get someone to pay to watch Tito, put him in there with someone that can smash his face flat. Not many other names fit the bill right now nomatter what we want to see. Tito loses he loses alot of chip power in the company but if he wins? That will suck for sure but I can see it happening.

  • hbdale309 says:

    As for Wanderlei, I just want to see him fight in the UFC, but I don’t want him to fight a wrestler that will nullify his skills and turn it into a boring ground fight – i.e., Arona, Tito.

    That leaves Chuck, Bonnar, Machida, or Alexander. Either way, Wand is not going to have any easy fights in the UFC so they better just set it up against Chuck; Silva could just as easily lose to Bonnar.

  • Matthew Watt says:

    Where is Jason Lambert on this list?

  • We based the list off the UFC 76 webpage Light Heavyweight division. Since Jason wasn’t there, he didn’t get on the list :-p

  • Mike O says:

    I suggest sokodjou vs houston alexander at UFC 79: Knockout-We mean it this time

    oh yeah how come you guys didnt ever rip on the fact that ufc 76: knockout had no knockouts of any kind?

  • ABM!2! says:

    This is a bit unrelated but has anybody else noticed how drastically Wanderlei’s english has improved. He used to use a translator all the time and I remember watching him on The Best Damn Sports Show with Henderson before their fight and his english was terrible. He could barely say a word. Now he can take interviews in english which is quite impressive imo.

  • stellar53 says:

    IMO….Wandy needs to fight Chuck…they are both coming off of 2 disappointing losses so who cares if Chuck just lost to Jardine….this fight needs to happen…..

    If no chuck, he needs to fight Tito again….unfortunately for Wandy, I think Tito would take this fight again…

  • kermit_01 says:

    Tito vs Wanderlei is a good fight. With him already having a loss to Tito this is an easy fight to market to the public..’The Long awaited rematch’. If Tito wins good for Tito.. However with Wanderlei coming off a two loss streak whats a thrid one going to do to him. Not much in the eyes of the average UFC viewer. I think Wanderlei has less to lose that Chuck, who the majority of the UFC fans know, and have seen him loose twice.

    However if they really want to they could put him up against any number of fighters and likely have a good fight. Why not stick him against Rashad- or possibly Huston, I think with the steam he has built and all the people who have piled on the Huston band-wagon it would be nice to see him face a guy who could likely match him in punching power and overall strength.

  • Audacity says:

    Houston Alexander would probably be the perfect guy for Silva considering the style matchup. From what we’ve seen of Wand, he’s devastating standing up and mediocre-at-best on the ground. A guy like Machida would lay and pray him to a decision. Griffin could probably gameplan him to death with Randy’s help, most likely involving takedowns. Jardine would also match well, but that fight makes me about as excited as Liddell vs. Jardine. The only reason I bought the card was because it was stacked, so Silva vs. Jardine would have to be just as stacked. My vote is for Houston.

  • stellar53 says:

    IMO it is going to be Tito vs. Wandy or Chuck vs. Wandy…

    Alexander is fighting Silva and Evans is fighting Bisping……

  • stellar53 says:

    Recap……Tito was on the UG yesterday and said he is taking a couple months off to heal his injuries….