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Who’s using who?

I’ve often thought about going out and doing some reporting or getting some interviews but usually make the excuse that I’d rather keep my poo up here in the Fightlinker tree than actually throw it out into the world at people who are just trying to do their own thangs. But Bloody Elbow’s Brent Brookhouse decided to nut up and do some reaching out … to the promoter who had booked Junie Browning for a fight on November 28th. That’s roughly two months after Junie’s whole OD / Suicide attempt / Hospital rampage for anyone keeping track of things. And a few weeks after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

What follows is some pretty damn entertaining back and forth as Brookhouse implies the promoter is scuzzier than the dudes who organized that whole Coolio / DMX / Martinez fight for taking advantage of poor Junie, while the promoter gives it right back accusing MMA blogs for being the real users here:

Was the fact that he had attempted suicide recently a concern in deciding to make the fight?  You said that his manager requested it so you booked it “simple as that.”  Is it really a situation where “simple as that” applies?

Not sure what kind of response you are trying to provoke. I knew Junie had a personal issue and was dropped from the UFC. I didn’t know all of the details. Look, Junie has some issues. We all know that but as I’ve said before, I’m not booking him to babysit my kids or host a lecture on better housekeeping. Junie is a fighter and a fighter with personal conflicts that he’s trying to sort out. Only those with the most to hide point in other directions. Junie has admitted repeatedly that what happened was his own fault. He isn’t hiding anything and hes taking the steps to better himself because of it. Mistakes are made by all of us all the time. Its whether or not we learn from them that matters.

Was there any request on MMA Big Show’s part for Browning to get a psychological evaluation prior to competing?  The reason for the question is simply that in the fight game it is dangerous to have a fighter competing at less than 100% mentally as well as the established link between athletic brain trauma and suicide attempts.

Are you serious?

How would you respond to those who say that the promotion has jumped at the opportunity to have a controversial figure on your card as an attention grab despite the entire situation with an attempted suicide and multiple charges of battery?

I know that what you all know from blogs and news media is a lot different than the facts of what went down and this whole situation is being milked and dramatized for the sake of web traffic and tv ratings.

Oh snap. To be fair, you barely have to nudge the Junie Browning udder before gallons of delicious milk flow forth from it, and Junie has never been all that hot for web traffic. But he is a current member of the MMA three stooges club alongside War Machine and Matt Mitrione (coincidentally, all TUF ‘stars’), and it’s not like the MMA blogs don’t ‘use’ him like that. At least Junie is getting paid by this promoter. I ain’t about to go sharing the precious advertising pennies I make off Junie with him, that’s for sure.