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Who’s the Yoko Ono of MMA?

I dunno what’s up with Steve Cofield lately … his blog has gone from being an occasional post here and there to being nonstop goodness. Perhaps his girlfriend/wife/gay lover just dumped him? I know when my relationship fell apart I turned to the warm gooeyness of my blog for comfort. I haven’t figured out where to put my penis yet, but I’m confident a USB-compatible solution to that problem is forthcoming.

Today Steve asks the question: “Who’s the Yoko of MMA? Jenna Jameson or Kim Couture?”

And to that I answer: Neither of them. Both Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture were little bitches before they got involved with their no-good tampering women. I don’t think I have to go too deep into Tito’s history with the UFC … the guy’s infamous for being hard to deal with, ducking Chuck Liddell forever and constantly demanding more money. But not many people know about Randy Couture’s history of contractual squabbles. Here’s a little for ya:

Couture decided to turn pro as a UFC competitor in 1997 and met with success right off the bat. He won the first UFC event he was ever involved with (UFC 13), tearing through Tony Halme and Steven Graham to win the tournament, then turned around five months later to put himself immediately into the UFC heavyweight title picture by scoring a stoppage over Vitor Belfort in what was at the time considered quite an upset. Two months after that (December 1997), in just his fourth UFC fight, he won the heavyweight crown by decision over the veteran Maurice Smith.

Subsequent to that, because Couture could not come to terms on contractual arrangements with the UFC, he wound up being stripped of the title and left the organization entirely, moving on to Japan where he competed for the most part with the “RINGS” promotion.

There’s also the news that back in the day Randy refused to participate in photo shoots or the UFC video game over money issues as well. Long story short, Randy has always been susceptible to the whole “You deserve more” attitude. So I dunno if Kim really played too much of a part in the money issues between the two parties.

I will, however, speculate on the fact that Kim was the one blowing up and distorting all of the ‘disrespect’ the UFC was apparently sending Randy’s way. I don’t think anyone on the outside could say with a straight face that Randy was being disrespected by the UFC. So in that way I will award Kim the “Yoko” crown.

Tito didn’t need imaginary reasons to feel disrespected by the UFC … every time Dana White opened his mouth he called Tito a moron and his girlfriend an idiot. But it really takes a crazy meddling chick to brainwash Randy into thinking the UFC disrespected him.