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Who’s that girl?

Speaking of people who may or may not have a job at “UFC: Rio”, Sherdog has a new gallery of pics from the set of TUF 13, and hey look who showed up to “interview” Junior dos Santos… none other than our old friend Juliana “Juju” Salimeni.  The star members may recall my Pulitzer-winning very first article for Fightlinker, in which we had a thorough but respectful look at Juju’s NSFW assets.  For those of you who are too cheap and heartless to help support Ryan’s cough syrup addiction, well, no fap material for you.  Just kidding, HERE’S her spread in the Brazilian edition of Playboy.

As for who this big-bottomed broad is, she’s supposedly the Brazilian fanbase’s polite suggestion for the job of guest Octagon Girl at the Rio event.  Juju became famous for her role on a popular show called “Panico na TV” as a “Panicat” (translation: ” target=”_blank”>professional T&A jiggler), and is apparently considered one of the top hotties in the country these days.

So does her appearance at the TUF gym mean she’s got the UFC gig, or is this just a segment for that “Panico” show?  And what’s with that dude’s nose?  Who knows.  The point is, while she looked great in the above links, and even the pic at the top is flattering, as for the next one after the jump…

…yeah, not so much:

I see Shogun was there creepin’ in the background too, but it’s unclear whether he was checking out the junk in her trunk while shamelessly fondling himself, or just waiting to inquire about her killer quads workout routine.  I come from a long and proud line of titty addicts, so I appreciate curves as much as the next honky, but holy shit, this chick looks like a goddamn centaur.  And not in a good way.  Seriously, do all Brazilian chicks have thighs that would make even Cro Cop jealous?  Thankfully, Suzana Alves (my own write-in candidate) proves otherwise.

I know there’ll be those Jackals who gladly volunteer to hit that equine beauty, and to you my advice is to remember Miss Onatopp in “GoldenEye” and stick to doggie-style.

Props to CagePotato for the find.