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Who’s next for Clay Guida?

MMA Weekly’s rumor section (once the fight-breaking bastion of the MMA news world) is reporting that Clay Guida and Nate Diaz are gonna face off at the TUF8 finale on December 13th. But if you were looking forward to seeing another TUF winner try and scale the gates and be denied, don’t get your hopes up too high yet. MMATraining is reporting that Guida will be facing Kurt Pellegrino in January.

MMA Math would dictate that Kurt isn’t as tough an opponent for Clay as Nate would be since Nate beat Kurt, but I’d like to remind you all that Kurt was whupping Nate’s ass until the thin air of Colorado gassed him out and he fell into a stupid triangle. On the other hand, running out of gas under any circumstances probably isn’t a good sign when the guy you’re fighting has been nicknamed by jackals “The Meth Caveman.”