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Who’s left for Jon Jones?

(The mythical dominant light heavyweight champ, the first we’ve seen since Chuckasaurus Rex)

There’s been a lot of eye rolling going on since Dana White proclaimed the most exciting fighter to come out of UFC on FOX 4 with a win would get the next shot at Jon Jones. A lot of this has to do with the fact that all four 205 pounders have already had their asses whupped by Bones, which kinda makes you wonder if the champ will have cleaned out the division if he beats Dan Henderson in September. Not so, sez Dana White:

“That is what we have been saying about Anderson Silva since 2006. There’s always contenders, there’s always a new guy. It’s up to these guys on Saturday night. They have to go in there and they have to deliver. You know how it is, you know how this is. Every time somebody says that one of these fights is off the charts on Saturday. I mean, “Shogun” Rua had the fight of the year last year, it was a war against Dan Henderson who is now fighting “Bones” Jones for the title. How quickly we forget everybody, we will see what happens on Saturday.”

Maybe we shouldn’t bring Anderson Silva into this conversation. Since 2006, they made him fight a bevy of unworthy opponents like James Irvin, Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, and more. No wonder Andy isn’t down with taking whatever dude the UFC offers up any more. Will there always be warm bodies to stick in the ring across from your champs? Yeah, sure. But will there be big fights that matter against opponents who have a legit chance of winning? The two are very different things, and fans are no longer as willing to shell out 50 bucks to see the former as they used to be.

  • YoungDonDraper says:

    The next time someone asks me why I like MMA more than boxing I’m going to show them this post. The whole online MMA scene is awash with people scared that there aren’t “big fights that matter” in the near future for a couple champs, when in boxing a “big fight that matters” for a real champion happens once every few years.

    I’m not even saying we’re spoiled, just that we have first world problems.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully says:

    funny pic
    and true dat. Where’s the big paydays? Kingsize

  • ButtsexSocialism says:

    Texiera and Gustaffson should be ready by the time Jones finishes his biz with Hendo and I’m hoping Shogun (although Lyoto is the one who has gotten the most hands on Jones so far),
    and that should carry him at least halfway through next year.

    And by then there is a good chance that more options could show up.

    Maybe that Jimmo guy, he can do the robot.

    And Te Huna seems like he might be getting better.

    Its not like 185 with one legit challenger to fight in Weidman,
    and then refusing to fight him.

  • InternetTufguy says:

    Did you actually say Te Huna?
    What a retard. LOL!!!

  • ButtsexSocialism says:

    Well then what what do you call him insisting that he wont move up because “he’s a 185 fighter”,
    and then suggesting fights with 170’s instead of the the top prospect and guy who just demolished the former #3 ranked 185 who would have been next in line.

    If weidman is no good then he shouldn’t be scared to get another easy pay check out of him.

    Pull shmilvas shiny black cock out of your mouth Cumdrunkenjunk.

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^i hate this guy so much. you aren’t funny at all. GO AWAY