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Who’s injured from UFC 106

The medical suspensions are out for UFC 106 and conspicuously absent from the list is Tito Ortiz, who claimed he was suffering from a bulging disc and ‘cracked skull’, whatever the hell that’s technically supposed to constitute. Does what happened to Luiz Cane meet muster? He’s suspended until May due to a possible right orbital fracture.

Whoever does all the rhinoplasty work for the UFC should be happy: Marcus Davis and Brock Larson both have broken noses. Then there’s Jason Dent, who managed to escape without any arm damage but is suspended until May for some kind of knee injury. And last but not least there’s Forrest, who’s post fight broken foot story actually checks out.

As usual, these suspensions don’t really tell us much about if a fighter is gonna be out for any long period of time. A broken foot can take around two months depending on how severe the break is, and all suspensions can be lifted once a commission doctor is tricked into believing a fighter is healthy.