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Who’s ignoring the UFC strongarming fighters

MMA Payout continues it’s coverage of the UFC’s latest fighter crackdowns: a tough six figure contract of a different sort for potential sponsors and an ominous threat of excommunication for anyone that works with Electronic Arts on their new video game. But while they do a great job of wrapping up who’s saying what, they’ve also taken aim at who hasn’t said shit:

MMA Weekly seems to have made nary a mention of the controversies in their usually all encompassing coverage of MMA. Ignoring the issue probably keeps their credentialing safe, but it does a disservice to their readership. MMAWeekly is hyping up the UFC press conference on their website, maybe during the press conference they can bring up some of these questions.

Also lacking in coverage have been the content partners at MMAJunkie and Steve Sievert at MMAJunkie helped break news on the sponsor tax situation back in January/Februaury, but the site has done no follow up since Sam Caplan’s piece shed new light. That is disappointing. Also totally forgoing any coverage has been the Yahoo team of writers and bloggers.

Yep, even Yahoo’s Dave Meltzer has been keeping his thoughts on the subject to his ugly pain in the ass pro wrestling site. He declared that most UFC fighters are financially struggling – a pretty significant comment when you think about it, possibly the most important one from an MMA reporter since Maggie Hendricks let slip the fact that barely anyone fighting in the UFC has health insurance.

It seems pretty crazy to me that things actually seem to be getting worse for lower and mid rung fighters rather than better. But who knows, maybe there are aspects of the new sponsorship and video game situations that proves UFC brass aren’t just a bunch of greedy fucks. But since the only press outlets cleared to interact with the promotion don’t have the sack to even bring the subject up, who fucking knows?