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Who’s gonna get suspended?

Oh, the CSAC is so much fun. Rather than wait for confirmation that more fighters have tested positive for banned substances, they’ve basically gone ahead and said “More fighters have tested positive, we just can’t say who until a second test verifies it”:

He would not identify any of the individuals involved, nor would he indicate how many individuals were involved, but did indicate that initial testing of the remaining fighters’ “A” samples returned more positive results.

Each fighter has an “A” sample and a “B” sample for the drug testing procedure. The “A” sample is sent to Quest Diagnostics, Inc. and tested twice to confirm results. The “B” sample is sent to a World Anti-doping Agency approved lab in Montreal for the same sort of procedure in an effort to independently confirm or deny the initial results.

The lab in Montreal is not given the results of the “A” sample testing. “They don’t know what they’re looking for,” Douglas told “They know they’re supposed to test for anabolic agents and masking agents, but they don’t actually know what they’re looking for.

“That lends credibility to the test because (between the) two facilities- they know that something is there, but they don’t know (exactly) what they’re looking for.”

Wow, I didn’t know that all sorts of famous fighter piss comes through my stomping grounds of Montreal. Past that, this is one of the first times I’ve actually heard a commission explain the specific process behind what samples go where – something that would have been good to know back when I was tinfoil-hatting the results of James Irvin and Justin Levins. I’ve always been pretty trusting of the labs that do the testing (the commissions themselves, not so much), but that one had me feeling pretty skeptical.

So who else do you think tested positive, and are you thinking steroid or painkiller or recreational drug? Winner gets a cookie!