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Who’s going where

No we still don’t know what’s going on with Affliction, the UFC, and Fedor. Fighters Only has a source saying a buttload of fighters are coming across to the UFC, and maybe that’s true and maybe that’s not. But we already have one fight from Affliction being carried across to a UFC event: Ben Rothwell and Chase Gormley will now be fighting at UFC 104, making them the first Affliction fighters to become UFC fighters.

Vitor Belfort is pretty much guaranteed to return to the UFC as well, but other than that it’s anyone’s guess who the UFC wants and who they’re able to get. Most of Affliction’s contracts are non-exclusive, meaning the UFC can’t bend fighters over a barrel like they did with PRIDE and freeze them out if they’re not willing to sign.

Taking a look at Affliction’s roster with that exclusivity demand in place, I’m surprised at how slim the pickings are. Jorge Santiago is a Sengoku guy, Gilbert Yvel isn’t the kind of dude you want on your roster while trying to prove the sport isn’t human dog fighting, and Paul Buentello isn’t exactly a hot up and comer.

I don’t know what’s up between Paul Daley and the UFC but for some reason that shit still doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. And while it would be cool to get Chris Horodecki and Dan Lauzon into the UFC, you have to be pretty deep into combat sports to give a shit about them. I suppose Takanori Gomi is still an extremely picky free agent though. And Tim Sylvia might be interested in coming back to the UFC, although personally I kinda like what he’s accomplished since he left the company.