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Who’s first for Fedor?

Jake Rossen thinks Strikeforce is dumb for not booking Fedor vs Alistair Overeem immediately, and I can’t say I disagree:

1. “Let’s build that fight up” isn’t the sort of thinking that’s conducive to good business in MMA. The sport is too tricky and unpredictable for promotions to lay foundations for fights, and several high-profile bouts have fallen apart based on the notion that they should marinate. If it’s a good fight, book it. Not after lunch. Now.

2. Overeem is one of the few intriguing challengers for Emelianenko in a promotion that’s currently saddled with a public perception of a poor foster home for an all-time great. (’s informal survey of 12,000-plus fans indicates nearly 75 percent of them think the Russian made the wrong choice.) Strikeforce needs a legitimate body of opposition in Emelianenko’s debut to help smother some of that disgruntlement.

3. Any legitimate title-challenger system should respect the intelligence of those watching. (Yes, even those leaking beer from their noses and screaming into the camera from their seats.) How could Strikeforce possibly sell the position that there is a more deserving challenger for Overeem’s title than Emelianenko?

There’s no better way to prove all the Strikeforce critics right than by scraping the bottom of the opponents barrel the first time you book a Fedor fight. Still, it’s not like Scott Coker can’t pull something impressive enough off if he puts on his big testicles. Overeem versus Brett Rogers results in a great Fedor opponent no matter which way it ends, and there must be someone out there that would ‘fit’ as Fedor’s first Strikeforce opponent. I’m drawing a complete blank as to who the fuck that someone would be, but hopefully Scott is thinking about it a bit harder than I am.