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The UFC: for giving us a sub-par card that basically relied on people turning up to witness a massacre in the form of Silva/Cote.

Anderson Silva: for jerking around in the cage for two rounds.

Patrick Cote: for getting injured.

Here’s the deal, though. It was a perfect storm: if the rest of the card hadn’t been so weak … if Cote had gotten knocked out after 3 rounds of Silva’s dancing … if Anderson had gone in for the kill but Cote had been injured before he could be finished. If any of these scenarios had played out, people wouldn’t be so pissed.

Me, I recognize that what happened on Saturday was a freak occurrence that no one could have seen coming. I don’t ‘blame’ anyone for it … not Anderson Silva, not Patrick Cote, and not the UFC. That doesn’t make me any less disappointed in the way things turned out.

The blog portion of this site is fueled by my enthusiasm and (surprisingly enough) my optimism for the sport of MMA. Today I sit at my desk staring at the screen and I just can’t feel very much of that at all. Even calling people cockfaces has lost it’s appeal. I’m sure it’s a temporary thing … shitty events often leave me feeling kinda listless but then we get an amazing WEC event or I watch a PRIDE highlight video and I’m back in the swing of things.

But right now I’m just having a hard time giving a shit about MMA.