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Who’s fault is Strikeforce’s wonky matchmaking?

A couple weeks ago, Sherdog’s Jordan Breen blasted Showtime for basically screwing up Strikeforce’s bookings. Now Zach Arnold has transcribed another good rant from Breen about the situation:

JORDAN BREEN: “Yeah, I mean, like I laughed, I saw something on Twitter from someone who I can’t recall if it was a blogger or someone but I saw something post something like ‘Richard Chou is the worst matchmaker in the world. Step your game up’ or something like that. Richard Chou, I don’t even know what they let him do, but to call him Strikeforce’s matchmaker is absurd. I think maybe they let him like match up the undercards of Sho XC fights or something like that. The thought that Richard Chou, the thought that even like Coker or (Mike) Afromowitz and these guys have the ability to put together their own main cards with impunity is absurd. Ken Hershman micromanages this product to a point where Strikeforce gets irrevocably hurt and have been repeatedly. There’s a reason that when for instance Dana White when he critiques Strikeforce, you know, he’s getting a bit more liberal with it now just going ‘Strikeforce sucks entirely’ but initially his criticisms were very pointed. They weren’t ‘oh Strikeforce sucks’ it’s “they’re stupid for getting in bed with Strikeforce, these guys don’t know what they’re doing.’ Even Wallid Ismail who was on (the radio show) last week, you know, he singled out Ken Hershman and said you know I met with this guy, I came up with the business plan for Pro Elite, this guy’s a boxing guy and he has no idea what’s he doing. “You treat it like box, you fail!”

For the record, Hershman himself has said that he’s “intimately involved in conversations with Strikeforce about what’s going to show up on Showtime” but also says everyone is on the same page when it comes to which fights are booked. Whether that’s Showtime’s page or Strikeforce’s page is an entirely different matter, but if Strikeforce is Showtime’s bitch, they seem to be okay with it at this point.