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Who’s excited about the Bader version of UFC 2009?

Video game nerds are pretty hardcore, and MMA fans are pretty hardcore, but are even fans of both crazy enough to give a shit about the special Gamestop edition of the UFC video game?

THQ officials also clarified with some of the questions surrounding the bonus characters of Ryan Bader and Efrain Escudero, available when purchasing “UFC 2009: Undisputed” through Gamestop.

While many observers speculated that the two characters would be provided as immediately available downloadable content or through the use of a password, THQ officials explained that the discs being shipped to Gamestop were actually fabricated differently than the copies being distributed to other retailers.

Bader and Escudero will be immediately available to users who purchase the game through Gamestop, while those who buy with other retailers will be able to download the two characters free-of-charge 90 days after the May 19 release date.

Free, eh? You’d think THQ didn’t realize they were working with the UFC, a company that has trained its fans to cough up 40 bucks for even the worst of pay per views, charges 2 bucks per poorly encoded prelim fight, and even gets people to pay for the opportunity to pay for overpriced tickets. In case you missed the point of that last run on sentence, the UFC is really good at charging for EVERYTHING.

Honestly, if I don’t have to pay for extra characters and the game isn’t inturrepted every few minutes for a preview of Spike’s latest original programming abortion, then it’s just not going to capture the real UFC experience for me.