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Who’s buying ProElite?

We originally thought that news of ProElite finding new capital and reviving was pretty far fetched, but it looks like that might be just what’s going on. Details are obviously uber-sketchy at the moment but the general idea is that CBS and Showtime would be willing to work with ProElite in the future providing that the original dipshits at the helm are all replaced. But who would buy a big pile of red ink for theoretical fighter contracts (more and more fighters are fucking off by the week) and TV deals that were so one sided they pretty much killed ProElite in the first place?

MMA Weekly’s Insider blog implies that it could be Ecko, King of the Cage, or an Ecko / King of the Cage team-up:

Ecko has been dabbling its toes in the MMA waters, creating MMA specific apparel and sponsoring UFC fighters such as Nate Diaz, Michael Bisping, and Matt Hughes. Of course, the sponsorship door to UFC fighters will surely be slammed shut if Ecko does takeover ProElite and its television contracts with CBS and Showtime. Just ask the guys at Affliction.

Other strong rumors place Terry Trebilcock’s King of the Cage — and an unidentified partner — as one of the front-runners to take over ProElite. Of course, there’s nothing saying that Trebilcock’s partner couldn’t be Ecko.

Grind rumor mill, grind.

Ecko has been sniffing around MMA for a while now … they were also marginally involved in the whole M-1 Global bullshit earlier this year and they’re leading sponsors for a ton of regional MMA shows. I’m not too sure about the financial sanity of getting involved with the smoking carcass of ProElite … it’s kinda like watching someone jump off a bridge and get smushed on the ground and then saying “Looks like fun, my turn now!”

Still, more MMA is always welcome and I’m more than happy to enjoy the shows even as rich people continue to lose millions trying to compete with the UFC.