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Who’s a happy camper?

The fighter payouts for UFC on FOX 4 are in, and just as in the 9-5 world, some people are happy campers and some aint. Here’s the skinny on the main card participants, because it would just be cruel to list the pitiful salaries of some of the under card fighters.

*Obligatory disclaimer: These figures are strictly contractual dollars for the actual fight, and disclosed Fight Night bonuses. Any additional bonuses, endorsements, etc., are not known or included

Shogun Rua – $240,000 ($70,000 win bonus) makes Shogun quite the happy camper. Plus the dude lives in Brazil, so you got to figure, 240k there equals about $21 million here, or something like that.

Brandon Vera – $70,000 helps take the sting off of a knockout loss, especially when it’s a pretty high salary considering Vera’s accomplishments in the sport over the past few years. But if you saw Road to the Octagon, you know ole Brandon is living large. Beautiful house, built-in pool, hot tub, fine-ass wife, shit who says being a mid level fighter doesn’t pay?

Lyoto Machida – $200,000 (no win bonus) buys a lot of happiness, as well as piss cocktails. Lyoto fucked up when he moved to LA though, if he was still down in the ‘Zil with his boys he’d be able to enjoy his urine on a sandy beach with little umbrellas and lime wheels, not out of a plastic cup in his basement.

Ryan Bader – $47,000 may not erase the hurt of being on the losing end of a highlight reel knockout that will be replayed for the next two decades, but if you can gather a few of those paychecks a year it provides a comfortable lifestyle.

Joe Lauzon – $148,000 ($24,000 win bonus, plus $100,000 in FOTN loot) is good money for a mid-level lightweight. Lauzon supplements his 24/24 contract by winning bonus money damn near every time he steps into the cage. Now he can finally afford to buy himself a new nickname.

Jamie Varner – $62,000 ($50,000 in FOTN green) gives Varner a pretty stiff boner I’m sure. Earlier this year he was fighting in XFC for beer and gas money. Now he’s back in the UFC and even though he lost, he’s looking like an exciting addition to the 155 pound division.

Mike Swick – $136,000 (including $43,000 win bonus and $50,000 for knocking his opponent senseless) may not be the highest payday of the bunch, but I’d bet a testi that Swick is the happiest camper in the world right now. The dude hadn’t collected a fight paycheck since the Winter Olympics of 2010. Now he can stop avoiding those horribly relentless bill collectors.

Demarques Johnson – $18,000 puts Johnson on the tail end of happiness for this crew, but he’s got bigger concerns. He’s now dropped two in a row, and four out of his last six. The man needs a win, because hey, $18,000 under the bright lights of the UFC is better than $4000 in a middle school gym in Cornhusk, Iowa.

  • Rye says:

    Bader is doing just fine… do a lil research on who his new wife is & who her father is… Bader has NO WORRIES…

  • frickshun says:

    Actually, I never worry about UFC fighters are we all know the stories of locker room checks & shit. BUT….take a look @ the last Strikefarce event payroll compared to the gate. I can’t imagine where the money even comes from to pay those losers!!

  • glassjawsh says:

    210,000 U.S. dollars = about 430,000 Brazilian Reals