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Who the fuck wants De La Hoya / Mayweather 2?

How in the name of fuck does it make sense for Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya to fight again? Their first match was generally accepted to be a cautious and unexciting turd that highlighted why average people finds boxing boring. While people much smarter than I in the field of boxing may have been able to appreciate the strategy behind the first fight, they’ll also be the same people who’ll tell you a second bout would most likely end exactly the same.

For me, the big upset is that De La Hoya is squandering one of his last fights, if not his last. I understand why HE specifically wants the rematch … he thinks he can beat Mayweather, and what better way to go out than avenging that loss? This I suppose is the problem with the fighters being the promoters … there’s no one out there to put a collar on them and make them fight who they should fight.

There was early speculation that a Hatton / De La Hoya fight was in the works, but Hatton’s loss to Mayweather was probably just too decisive to make it really sell. Plus I don’t think Hatton wants to fight higher than light welterweight any more – every time he fights up in weight he has a hard time of things. Past that, who does Oscar have to choose from? Cotto? That’s the fight people want to see, and that’s the big money fight right there. There was even some early talk about it, but it’s a bad choice for De La Hoya because the odds are Cotto would win.

Again, it’s too bad these guys get to run the show, because it certainly robs boxing fans of the opportunity to see the fights that should really happen.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Less boxing, more MMA 😛

  • Higgz says:

    I didn’t care the first time around, and especially don’t care this time either. Does Hoya think he’s found some new way to get past Mayweather’s defense? I hope they both knock eachother out and never wake up!

  • pauli says:

    is boxing saved yet?

  • Swedish guy says:


  • frickshun says:

    It really is sad. I’m a boxing fan but the thrill is pretty much gone. By the way, Friday night I randomly tuned in to ESPN2 to watch Edison Miranda knock some chump out w/1 huge right hook. Best 1 punch KO I’ve seen in either sport in a while (In case you don’t know, Miranda got TKO’d by Pavlik last year).

  • Accomando says:

    Here is an animated gif of that Miranda punch.

  • Interesting post but I, for one, would love to see De La Hoya Mayweather 2 if they both want to make it happen. The first fight was a very good fight and I see no reason why the second one couldn’t turn out differently. In my opinion, if De La Hoya jabs the whole fight instead of just for 5-6 rounds he wins that first one as handily as such a close fight could be done. Could he learn from that mistake in the second fight? Absolutely. Whether or not he’ll be too old to implement a new sustained strategy is another matter. Mayweather is still considered by most to b e the best pound 4 pound fighter. Their first fight was a split decision and set all sorts of records. Makes sense for a lot of reasons. If De La Hoya can beat the consensus number one fighter in his 16th year of his career maybe, just maybe, that will go a long way towards quieting the widespread hate among ignorant observers regarding him and his career.

    Also, Hatton/De La Hoya could “sell” now or probably 20 years from now with niether fighter winning another fight between them until them. They are two of the most popular athletes in the world, much more boxing, and though there would of course be even more excitement if both of them were coming off of wins, I still think this could fill Dodger Stadium or Wembley Arena no problem with ridiculous ppv buy rates.

  • I cared the first time but won’t care as much if it happens a second time around. It’s just going to be the same exact fight all over again in my opinion. De La Hoya tried to overwhelm Mayweather with his power and it didn’t work.

    What’s he going to try next? He won’t be able to lure Mayweather in close for very long and we all know that he can’t keep up with him in the speed departmet.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    “Mayweather is still considered by most to b e the best pound 4 pound fighter.”

    Correction, Mayweather is still considered by most to be the best pound 4 pound boxer.

    GSP, Anderson Silva and Fedor are considered by most to be the best pound 4 pound fighters.

  • frickshun says:

    Thanks for the gif. It’s not as good as Ibeabuchi almost decapitating Byrd several years back but good enough to satisfy me til the next UFN.

    Good correction. Do you think if he didn’t run his mouth he would still be relevant to casual fans? NO CHANCE.

  • Accomando says:

    The best part of that Miranda punch is how that Banks guy from the Contender show is lying dead inbetween the ropes from it.

  • mmaninja says:

    “for one, would love to see De La Hoya Mayweather 2 if they both want to make it happen”

    Elias, unfortunately we all know that, they don’t really want to make the fighting happen, only the “fight” for another spectactular payday.

    May be boxing should have less rounds so that the fighters can go all out more often without worrying about stamina.

    Regardless, this will be another dud, probably even worse than the first one.