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Who the fuck is Seth Petruzelli?

It’s been confirmed that Ken Shamrock is off tonight’s EliteXC card with a cut above his eye. Seth Petruzelli (who was supposed to fight Aaron Rosa) has been slotted to replace him against Kimbo Slice. So who the fuck is Seth Petruzelli? He’s a TUF2 veteran who has two losses in the UFC:

a painful sloppy ass decision loss to Matt Hamill back when Matt Hamill was TERRIBLE.
a submission loss to Wilson Gouveia that I don’t think I saw.

Seth is your classic mid level journeyman … he knocks bitches out in the minors but can’t seem to win against any names. His only big name win is over Dan Severn … past that his record is littered with guys with more losses than wins. His last fight was against the 9-18 Sean Sallee nearly a year ago.

As for what he comes into this fight with: he’s been training with Greg Jackson in New Mexico, and the gameplan they trained for was to go in and stand with Rosa. He weighed in yesterday at 205.5, which ironically means he’s probably walking around heavier than Ken Shamrock.

So there you have it. That’s what’s up with the dude who’s gonna fight Kimbo Slice tonight.

(don’t forget, we’re all hanging out in the chat tonight!)