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Who the fuck is Nicki Jhabvala?

Sports Illustrated sure has done a decent job of putting together an MMA section for their website. They poached Josh Gross from Sherdog and landed Ben Fowlkes (who worked his way up from being ‘some MMA blogger’ to his position through grit and hard work). But I have no idea what the fuck is up with’s Nicki Jhabvala, who’s contribution to MMA seemingly involves linking to tenuously-related Youtube videos on a weekly basis and writing idiotic articles like this.

If this was some other website, I probably wouldn’t bother flaming her … the shit she writes is harmless fluff stupidity. But when you’re representing the sport of MMA via Sports Illustrated, you get held to a higher standard than other sites (ask Kevin Iole how that’s worked out for him). So please, Nicki … stop writing articles that barely deserve to be posted on a lame Maxim ripoff’s website, let alone Sports fucking Illustrated’s site.