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Who said what?

Try to guess who said this about who:

I don’t know why anybody hasn’t figured it out already, but he only counters people. So, one thing a lot of guys in the UFC – I don’t mean to bash any guys in the UFC, but they seem to get lost in the footwork. Myself, I’ve kind of got lost in there because it is so big, but controlling the fight with your footwork is a really big deal, and a lot of the guys who fight him don’t really realize what he is doing. He counter-fights, and he knows before the fight started that the guys – they think the only chance they have is to take the fight down – so he knows that they are going to rush in, that they are going to try and take him down. And when you know what someone is going to do it is really easy to beat them. So, I would just – that fight, I would definitely not try to rush in and take him down, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t chase him all over, they want to make him come to them a little bit.

If you said this is about Lyoto Machida then you, sir, are wrong. This is Alan Belcher talking about Anderson Silva. Was Silva’s fight against Cote all wonky because Cote was the first person not to rush in and play Silva’s counter-striking game? It would be pretty funny if Anderson was only teh awesome because he employs a similar tactic to Machida. If the only difference is a supercharged killer instinct and all the fighters feeling the need to get on the offense before they’re crushed, that would be pretty funny indeed.