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Who lost what?

Personally I think the biggest victims in this whole Anderson Silva SuckGate (okay, that’s the last gate joke, now let us never speak of gates again) is everyone who had to watch that fight. But if want to know who the biggest victim fighter-wise is, then there’s a bit of competition. Rome thinks it’s Yushin Okami:

What I do know is they picked Thales Leites over Yushin Okami because they were afraid Okami would be a boring fight, and Leites has never been a cautious fighter.  Talk about your all-time backfires, and maybe they deserve it.  Either way, the victim here remains Yushin Okami, who is simply not going to get a title shot any time soon.  After last night, they aren’t going to risk damaging their brand like that again.

While Midsy thinks it’s Demian Maia:

Maia, an undefeated Brazilian jiu jitsu specialist, was expected to get the next shot at Silva’s middleweight title, probably at UFC 102. But after the way the Silva-Leites fight went, I just can’t see the UFC putting the Silva-Maia fight on now. Silva-Leites turned a lot of fans off, and Maia is a very similar fighter to Leites. The UFC won’t want to turn the fans off again, and that means the UFC won’t match Silva up with a submission specialist again.

There’s two ways to look at this depending on your current opinion of the Spider: first, you still see Anderson Silva as a living legend and therefore he shouldn’t be fighting guys like Demian Maia and Yushin Okami anyways with only a few more fights left before he retires. Or if you now think Anderson Silva is a total slag, then I doubt you consider missing out on these fights at all since they’re both pretty much guaranteed to be utter bullshit.

Either way you slice it, most fans don’t really give much of a shit about seeing either of those two guys fighting Anderson Silva. Personally at this point I’d be happy to see him benched until he fights the winner of Henderson / Bisping – ya know, sometime in October or something when seeing his stupid fucking face doesn’t make me want to smash things.