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Who else might sign Fedor

So with the Fedor / UFC deal dead in the water, what else is there for Fedor? Yesterday I was surmising that we may have seen the last of the deep pocket, low sense promoters … after all, who’s willing to dump the 10 to 40 million bucks into a new MMA company during a recession, especially with the bloated corpses of the IFL, EliteXC, and Affliction still fresh in everyone’s minds? Some people, apparently:

Strikeforce is one promotion willing to co-promote with M-1 Global. Scott Coker, Strikeforce’s CEO, told that it was his understanding that Emelianenko and M-1 Global have “four or five offers on the table,” including ones from boxing promotions and television networks. Coker said he would continue his own talks with Finkelstein in the next couple of weeks. Finkelstein and Emelianenko, who has partial ownership in M-1 Global, said they will begin their trek back to Russia Wednesday night.

I wonder if Dana and the Fertittas see Fedor as a great trojan horse for drawing out all the opportunists who have aspirations of competing with them. Sure, the UFC loses out by not having the best fighter in the world, but as we’ve seen with Anderson Silva (and Fedor himself), that title doesn’t always translate into the PPV buys it should. Meanwhile, you’ve got all these other doofuses lining up to give Fedor several times more money than he’ll ever bring in for them plus a few million more so his buddies at M-1 will ‘co-promote’ with them. I also have a bunch of bananas I’d like to sell these morons for 50 bucks each. They’d only be able to sell them for maybe 1 to 2 bucks a banana max. But they’re some damn tasty bananas, so I think these companies will agree they’re worth my asking price.

Has anyone else noticed yet that good things don’t tend to happen to the promotions Fedor works with? This isn’t just some creepy voodoo curse (although it could be, Dana White is scary like that). The simple fact is that Fedor isn’t bankable, and he isn’t reliable. Bodog thought they could make money off him, and they were wrong. The first M-1 group eagerly jumped on the co-promotion bandwagon, and literally got fleeced. Affliction thought all Fedor needed was the proper exposure to become a money maker for them, so they spent millions in advertising on top of the millions they paid him to fight. They died without making one penny in profit from the guy. For their efforts, it sounds like Fedor might sue them.

He sounds like a great fucking dude to work with.