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Where’s the hype?

Just a little hype for the big Gina Carano vs Cris Cyborg fight this weekend. In the video, Mauro Ranallo says the fight ‘markets itself’, but Zach Arnold disagrees. Some were saying Carano vs Cyborg would get more mainstream press hype than UFC 101. Unfortunately, I think Strikeforce took their eye off the ball because of all the Fedor-related insanity and thus far the expected media tornado has been downgraded to a stiff breeze.

On top of that, all the hardcore MMA sites have been focused on the endless injuries, line-up switches, and Nick Diaz-related clusterfucks, earning this card the #5 slot on Cage Potato’s Most Cursed Events list before it’s even happened. And hey, there’s always the (hopefully unlikely) chance that Gina or Cris will miss weight on Friday, which I think would not just push the event up to #1 but also give Women’s MMA a pretty horrific kick to the proverbial sack.

Regardless of all that, I’m still hyped. Carano vs Cyborg is the first female superfight and (barring some horrific disaster) has fight of the year potential. I’m expecting Mousasi to ice Babalu in entertaining fashion, and Melendez vs Ishida is a painfully overlooked quality fight. For all the fuckups and switches Strikeforce has had to deal with, the card has turned out pretty good and it should be pretty sweet.