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Where’s Randy?

Behold, the new Expendables 2 trailer and if you thought Randy Couture was pushed to the periphery in the last one, imagine how bad it gets when you add JCVD, Chuck Norris, and Arnie into the mix. Trying to catch Couture during this preview is like playing an army themed version of Where’s Waldo. He’s in there a few times, but good luck spotting him for the 1/2 second he appears in the background. And why does Statham get to drive all the heavy artillery? There were like 10 tanks in that preview. You could have let Randy drive one.

The only solid evidence that Randy Couture is even in this movie

(trailer via Filmdrunk)

  • greenseed says:

    what do i win?

  • greenseed says:

  • kwagnuth says:


    Randy: I can’t act so I just stand here and look tough.

    Stallone: That’s why you make the big bucks.

    Randy: Are we gonna talk about my ears again or not.

    Stallone: Shutup and look tough


  • Aashiqh says:

    Great piece. I sent it to Facebook so my son could read/watch it. He loves Randy Couture. He missed the most reecnt Fight Night because he was at the beach with his dad..but last time we went to Hooters to watch. If you can deal with people going insane while you’re trying to watch the’s a cool place to be. Buffalo Wild Wings is the best place though but ..the closest one is an hour from here.Anyhow my son just started training for MMA. He is wrestling and weight-lifting at school and after school he takes Brazilian Jujitsu. Anyhow..nice talking to you..It’s awesome to find someone as into this stuff as we are Moxie