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Where’s horseface???

I’ve gone through three different sites full of videos and pictures of the UFC weigh ins and I haven’t been able to find a single picture of the newest Octagon Girl, Edith Larente (or as she’s listed on, Edith Labelle).

I certainly hope she’s still around, because for all our bastardry we’d still feel pretty bad if the ruckus we caused cost her a job. Plus we like staring at her humongoid fake boobs. Let’s just hope that we’ve got an overblown sense of our own importance and Edith is just arriving later because of airport delays or something.

  • dance2tranz says:

    I have a theory. I dont think she can fly overseas with her implants.

  • #1 jackal says:

    She did have problems at the airport. They loaded her on the wrong airplane. She flew over in a airplane that carries zoo animals over seas. Becuase they thought she was a horse.

    lame i know, but i dont care

  • Lifer says:

    my guess… botched vaginoplasty.

  • Accomando says:

    She hurt her leg…..they had no choice but to put her down, its what’s best for the horse.

  • haha we’re such bastards

  • jackal-matt says:

    Visa issues

  • CagePotato says:

    Very, very ugly face issues.

  • kentyman says:

    She had no shoes to wear; they were all still at the blacksmith’s.

    I’ve got nothing.

  • groda says:

    Silly people, horses can’t fly in planes, she has to be shipped over in a ship, which takes longer.

    Also quarantine may be necessary what with foot and mouth disease.

  • fightfan says:


  • Big D D says:

    Fightlinker please interview her….her bio says she is a student (sure!) one of the questions has got to be what are you going to school for ? Farm Veterinary?

  • dignan says:

    The UFC refused to put hay in her contract under food allowance.

  • operator says:

    Well perhaps she’s just not quick out the gate and she is late.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    After Arianny and Ali committed the cardinal sin of fucking the fighters, the UFC brass probably hired Edith because they figured that none of the fighters would want to fuck that horsefaced slut.

  • Brad says:

    I hope she is getting bigger breast implants.

  • suspiria says:

    I just read all the comments. ….I still don’t know who u r talking about……………actuallly I was joking ofcourse I know.uh but who was it just between u ad me ?????????

  • Jemaleddin says:

    My top 10 lame attempts:

    10. Since the Elephant Man, England has strict controls on exhibiting freaks.

    9. Edith only does PPVs and not promos because she’s not used to giving it away for free.

    8. She forgot to take our her junk-piercing at the airport and is now working as an escort in Gitmo.

    7. Still waiting in quarantine with two german shepherds and a shitzu.

    6. Edith so enjoyed the Fightlinker grape photo that as a tribute she’s recreating 2 boys 1 cup with a friend. And not with candy bars.

    5. EU labor laws don’t allow horses to do the work of humans.

    4. Evidently, even the English standards of acceptable teeth have their limits.

    3. Was already booked for a steeplechase.

    2. Strict laws in England protecting their hookers from foreign competition.

    1. Since she’s a student, she’s probably keeping up with her animal husbandry class, if you know what I mean. And I mean having guys touch her boobs. With a bag on her head. For money. Because she’s a horse-faced hooker.

    How can it be so easy and so hard? Stupid writer’s strike.

  • Popetastic says:

    Bring back Rachelle.

  • kentyman says:

    After watching her on UFC 80, I don’t think she’s that bad. I’d take her out for a movie and a feedbag at a nice ranch.

  • kentyman says:

    Then again, it would probably be cheaper to get a pile of hay and tell her it’s a nice Bed and Breakfast.

  • kentyman says:

    Get it?! Bed and Breakfast. ‘Cause she sleep on it and eat it…


  • I give it two thumbs up man. I don’t know how many people get to read all your late posts, but i certainly enjoy them.

  • kentyman says:

    I heard that someone invited her for a roll in the hay and she said “Sorry, I already ate.”

    OK, enough. :)

  • thats it, i’m gonna make a post with all these jokes

  • mmawesome says:

    Wow, I’m staying out of it on the off chance that I run into her someday, because she’ll be like “Oh you were the only one who wasn’t mean to me,” and I’ll be like “Yeah that’s right, baby,” and she’ll be like “I’m so gonna do you now.”

  • BigBrown says:

    I think she’s hot! And almost as photogenic as meeeeeee! I’d pull up down the stretch in my next race for a piece of that…oops I already did that……whinnie whinnie pant pant snort 😛

  • Tapout520 says:

    I dont know what you guys talking about she is beautiful, If you think she’s a horse I’ll do her.

  • Mox says:

    Wow. Here’s the geeky retards at fightlinker bashing another beautiful girl. Get a life you idiots.