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Where will Mirko end up?

Last we heard of Mirko Crocop, he had gone under the knife to fix his fucked up knee and would be out for several months. Now he’s back to training and is looking for a new home:

His NYE bout with Hong Man Choi ended his DREAM contract. He confirmed rumors that the UFC were indeed in contact with him however he has offers from both DREAM and another US based promotion.

“I’m in talks with the Japanese,which of course is natural, since they treated me so well over the years. And its not a secret anymore that the UFC have contacted me. I’m also in talks with another US organization.”

Mirko said that he would make his decision in less than a month.

I wonder how much of a lure the possibility of fighting for the UFC in Europe is for Mirko. He’s already made it clear that he wants to go back to the promotion sooner or later to redeem himself after what happened last time he fought there. Plus he gets to fight about as close to Croatia as any big MMA company is liable to tread in the next few years. To me it seems like that makes the most sense … it kills two birds with one stone. Still, it’d be a make or break situation for him. I don’t know if his career could survive another bruising like it did when he got drummed out of the UFC.