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Where were you?

Jesse Holland from MMA Mania has an interesting take on Evan Tanner:

Recently I came across a public petition to have Tanner posthumously inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. While the argument has merit, it’s hard to take seriously when it’s signed by many of the same people who called Tanner “washed-up” after his recent 0-2 run in the UFC.

But that pales in comparison to the abundance of Tanner quotes now making the rounds on the MMA Internet boards. A year ago they were a punchline – now they’re gospel.

I admire people who are sincere in their efforts to restore nobility to the memory of a great fighter, but I ask you, where were all these good Samaritans when Tanner was broke, unemployed and suffering from alcoholism?

I can’t say for sure, but I do know they are there for him now that he’s passed. In fact, it was a mere 48 hours before his estate was contacted about securing the publishing rights to his life story.