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Where things stand this morning

The avalanche of news and events caused by Josh Barnett’s little steroid hiccup has finally come to a semi-stop. Last night Affliction and the UFC were the latest mortal enemies to lay down swords and give each other a hug. Many kinda wondered how that happened, and let me tell you: having Affliction back in the UFC fold now is better than having them in league with Strikeforce – at least for Zuffa anyways.

Those expecting news of Fedor signing with the UFC and other insanity will be disappointed though … his people are still reeling over the cancellation of ‘Trilogy’ and haven’t even said beep about the situation. We don’t even know what the terms are of the Affliction / UFC peace agreement, and the press release the two put out doesn’t shed much light on the situation:

SEAL BEACH, Calif., July 24, 2009 —-Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship “UFC” organization and Affliction Holdings, LLC announced today they have agreed to a collaboration that will benefit the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and ultimately the sport’s growing fan base.

The collaboration ensures commitments by UFC and Affliction for Mixed Martial Arts to continue to be recognized as a mainstream sport.

“We are excited about the return of Affliction to the UFC and look forward to seeing our fighters once again walk into the Octagon wearing the Affliction brands. Affliction is an innovator of mixing fashion with this sport and we are looking forward to working together to promote the sport.” Dana White, President of UFC.

“Our brand is synonymous with the ‘Live Fast’ approach to life and UFC is the perfect venue for us to market our brand. We have come to an agreement with the UFC which we feel will be the best for the sport and will help the UFC continue delivering the highest caliber of fights.” Eric Foss, Co-Founder of Affliction.

MMA Junkie says that the UFC is planning a press conference on July 31st to share a ‘laundry list’ of huge announcements. But don’t worry, as soon as this weekend is over I’m sure all the MMA journalists out there will have unsniffed the majority of the deals and we’ll know what the fuck is going on. Until then, sit tight and wait to see what happens. Ain’t the politiking of the MMA game just insane? I have no idea how other sports bloggers survive the boring day to day of baseball or soccer blogging without monthly kicks to the head like this.