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Where the fuck is Liddell-Silva 24/7?

Seriously, people. Dana White’s halfhearted attempts to convince everyone Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva is one of the biggest fights in MMA history would seem more sincere if the company spent a couple fucking dollars producing a show hyping the fight.

Yeah, I know the UFC’s got their standard countdown show, but honestly … for a supposed megafight, this bout sure doesn’t have any hype behind it so far. Some might say no one really cares what happens between these two. I say bullshit to that. The UFC’s job is to make people care about this fight, and so far they’ve done a shite job of doing it.

Considering the history and the legacy of these two fighters, there’s no reason the UFC shouldn’t be doing a 24/7 type show that builds up towards UFC 79. And I seem to remember Chuck Liddell being a rather popular fighter. Ya know, before he lost to Keith Jardine. Now he’s just a LOSER. A big fucking LOSER. And who wants to even hear about losers, let alone watch a show or pay for an event featuring two losers duking it out???

  • kentyman says:

    So you’re saying we shouldn’t watch you fight Caplan?

  • Dru Down says:


    Oh delicious!

  • c-ing_red says:

    I am sure they could come up with something!!! I actuall want to watch Hatton and Mayweather scrap now.

    You and Sam should be good. Caplan by Rear Choke, Naked.

  • RT says:

    I think Ive seen this……..
    on 03 Dec 2007 at 11:40 am8RT
    “Gimme some of that face to face, You know your fighin the best right? You ready to Die?” Money May is like apollo creed, and Hatton is like Rocky. Why in the fuck wouldnt the UFC let HBO handle there production, The shit is leaps and bounds beyond any other sports telecast out there let alone the ghetto fabulous spike TV production. We could be watching the Axe murder vs Iceman 24/7 and that would be the shit.
    on 03 Dec 2007 at 6:25 pm14RT
    The UFC is pissing away the Biggest fight ever, the fight that could expose all the UFC fanboys to the history of MMA, to show em what makes this shit great. Show Wandy killing spree in Japan, caving in Rampage’s face x2, show his battles w/ Dan henderson and CroCop not only does it show some of the best stuff ever in MMA it shows whats on the line for Wandy as well as how Bad Ass Hendo and CroCop are. They can do the same thing with Chuck show his Trips to Japan show him in the Grand Prix show Chuck vs Rampage 1 show. Show Wandy and Chucks big staredown, show Rampages Championship run. Talk to both of them about what this fight means to them. Build the fucking back story otherwise its just a match between losers. Its real fucking simple if your gonna do it do it right. As for what UFC are doing to hype the fight there are better hype HL’s on the interweb and thats fucking sad.

  • Foreskin Face Pete says:

    one year ago people might have cared i said.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    You wanna know where the 24/7 show is? Its right here biatch:

    The hardcore fans know what the fuck I’m talking about.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    I WANT TO FUCK CHUCK…..seriously. Talk about child bearing hips.

  • Dru Down says:

    Man- it seems like even the UFC is starting to lose interest in these cards

  • RoB says:

    seriously thuogh @ least they could hype up wandi as the man who destroyed rampage twice, then during the fight someone can distract the ref and rampage can sneak in and hit wandi with a chair. [email protected] it.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    ive seen commercials on tv hyping it.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    No reason?

    I can think of about a dozen practical reasons why they can’t. I guess you weren’t anchoring that statement in reality though, so it’s ok.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    The choices are
    a) the Iceman vs. the Axe Murderer
    b) Floyd Jr. vs. Ricky Hatton, or
    c) Jersey Tomato vs. his old lady

    c) could result in serious bodily harm, so cross that one off. (She hits below the belt and no Big John around to keep it clean)
    b) could result in another victory by that arrogant punk Mayweather and who wants to see that happen? I sure as hell don’t.

    So by process of elimination, a) is the winner. May the best man win.

  • Xavier says:

    Ricky Hatton is a can.

  • Fightlinker,

    You should bring this up as a topic in your next show. Interestingly enough, I watched UFC Unleashed last night that featured one Wanderlei Silva fight. Did they show one of Silva’s fantastic PRIDE knockouts? Absolutely not. They showed his UFC 20 battle for… 1999!
    The fight was against Tony Petarra and Silva disposed of him in Muay Thai clinch knees to the face fashion.

    I once again wonder, why the hell are they showing this crap when they have a complete PRIDE library to pull from?

  • David says:

    Leland, I agree 100% with your argument. Dana White really knows how to ruin our lives, word by word, show by show.

  • marshal says:

    Any footage not resembling the octagon (Pride ring) would confuse the audience. THE RING? Is this boxing I’m watching, WOW this is cooler than the UFC! Where do I find more of this UFC in a ring?!?

  • dignan says:

    Mobb Deep:

    Sorry this post is so late. I watched that video…24/7 rules…thanks for the post.