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Where the beautiful people go after

(above: Nate the Great rewards his UFC73 performance with McDonalds. I’m loving it. Is that a fishburger and mayonnaise? Man, Marquardt is lame.)

If you’re like me, you watched UFC73 in your mom’s basement with a big bowl of Cheetos. Your exciting night after the event probably consisted of posting on retarded message boards or masturbating to Ali Sonoma. Me, I just can’t do that any more … ever since I heard about Diego and Ali, he keeps popping into my head whenever I’m trying to throw a load. Anyways, on the opposite end of the excitement scale are all the fucking wankers who were out at the Sheraton Grand and/or Empire for UFC73 after parties. While I would probably slit my wrists after 10 minutes with these people, it is kinda entertaining looking at the pics.

My favorite pics:

The Lame Shirt brigade

Karo pulling Cougar tail

From right to left: Nog, Hottie, Thing

The full pic of Nate with McDonalds and McHottie

Heath ‘Oops’ Herring

Tito and Jenna

I would make fun of how Jenna looks but then I’d probably feel bad when she finally dies from whatever disease is ravaging her.