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Where that kick really came from

You know the drill. Blackhouse fighter kicks dude in the face, credits Steven Seagal. Everyone freaks out, and a few days later the real story comes out.

Lyoto Machida: This kick is from Karate, it’s the Kanku Dai. When I started my preparation, after I did a hernia surgery, I couldn’t do everything in training, so my father told me to train three or four types of kicks and use them in sparring, but very carefully, because they hurt a lot, it’s like the elbow. When I came to Canada I met Steven Seagal, and he told “Lyoto, this kick will hit”. But I wasn’t worried to use it or not, I’d do it if the opportunity came. I came more relaxed to the second round and hit that. It’s not like it came from nowhere.

So basically Steven Seagal just told him to ‘use the kick.’ If that’s all you need to take credit for a finish, I’d like to claim some love for Jake Ellenberger’s KO on Saturday. I sent several emails offering backrubs and telling him to ‘trust in his fists of fury.’ As a result, he won his fight against Sean Peirson. Me = awesome. Meanwhile, all you losers who told GSP ‘Knock him out, Georges’ at the Fan Expo, you suck.

(gif via HookeyStreet)