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Where does he go from here?

Dave Doyle has the deets on Sean Sherk’s post-fight disappearing act last night:

Sherk, meanwhile, caused a brief behind-the-scenes panic after the fight, as he bolted from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in his fight shorts and gloves before submitting to his postfight medical exam. He was reportedly spotted in the vicinity of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, about a mile away. Sherk, who was not among fighters subjected to a random postfight steroid exam, returned about 20 minutes after he left and submitted to his commission exams.

“He was just upset that he lost,” said Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer. “This is a guy whose only losses were to [Georges] St. Pierre, [B.J.] Penn, and [Matt] Hughes. Now he’s on the first fight of the pay-per-view and he loses and where does he go from here? I sympathize with him.”

Sherk did not immediately return phone calls after the fight.

Damn, Kizer. I dunno if you meant it like that, but that was pretty harsh.