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Where are the good agents?

This post on Bloody Elbow about MMA agent Ken Pavia potentially screwing fighters has me wondering: what are the names of MMA agents doing a good job for fighters? And I’m not talking about those top-rank talent agency dudes Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell have. Who the fuck is decent at lower levels for the fighters who fall between ‘promising prospect’ and ‘mid level UFC fighter’?

Because Dana White’s whole “UFC fighters make a lot of money” line wraps fighter sponsorships and other incomes typically arranged by agents into that “lots of money” non-figure, it’s pretty essential for fighters to have representation that isn’t dishonest or incompetent. I’ve never seen anything floating around the net detailing who the good guys are, so perhaps that’s something that needs to be discussed.

(thanks to jackal StuntasticMcSuperfly for the link)