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Where a fighter’s union could come from

Showtime’s plan to put ProElite’s valuables on the selling block today turned into a non-event, partially because the agents representing ProElite’s fighters combined to state they would fight any attempts to transfer their contracts. Now MMA Payout’s Robert Joyner doesn’t just bring up the fanciful concept of a fighter’s union, he details a concrete avenue from which one might spring:

With the fighters on the individual level being in a constant state of flux, the true level where there would be any hope of collective bargaining is at the agent/manger level. Heretofore, such a level of cooperation amongst the fighter management level would have been a farcical thought. The uniting against Showtime does, however, give a slight glimmer of hope towards such a coalition being possible, but still the cracks were there. ATT gave lip service to being in support of the group, but lacked a a signature on the dotted line. Others affected, like the Walker/Spira combo who rep Gina Carano, were silent on the issue altogether. One can hope, though.

The hope, if it exists, is in the agents. Unfortunately, they’re all so busy squabbling for the scraps from Dana White’s table that they’ve missed their God given right to something better.