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When real life imitates art: Chad Mendes stars in The Fugitive II

UFC featherweight Chad Mendes got himself into some hot water this week by allegedly sucker-punching some guy in the face during a bar fight in his hometown of Hanford, California. The Hanford Sentinel printed the story.

Basically, what it sounds like is an awesome bar brawl broke out, which grew to about 40 people in the parking lot, one of which was none other than Mendes, who according to Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam was asked to leave but instead went back into the bar and snuck some unfortunate dude who “never even saw him coming.”

Then out of a scene from a movie, Mendes took off running. Booze will cause a fellow do some stupid shit, like running from the police when they already know who he is. The authorities are onto Mendes and are waiting for Urijah Faber to smack some sense into him to turn himself in, which should be happening any day now. If Mendes continues to act out his Fugitive II fantasy the police are prepared to act. Said Putnam:

“If we don’t speak with him by Monday, then we’ll request that the District Attorney’s Office file charges against him. Then we can pick him up on an arrest warrant.”

To further the dramatic effect, Putnam went and dumped a five gallon can of gasoline onto the fire:

“With his training as a professional fighter, he could be looking at a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. That’s something the District Attorney’s Office will have to weigh out when they make their filing decision.”

Now, let’s not lose our heads here with sensationalism. As kids we used to believe that Chuck Norris and Sho Kosugi had to register their hands as lethal weapons with the cops – that their training as martial artists made them subject to some special set of rules. A quick search of the internet reveals no precedent for such a legal standard. It’s a falsehood based on the same unrealistic belief that someone can break another person’s neck with a swift turn of the head, or that a good upward shot to the nose can send the bone into someone’s brain causing instant death. Basically, it’s kid bullshit, and the fact that an assistant sheriff said it doesn’t bode well for the department he represents.

Whatever happened to the time when a good bar fight was considered a great fucking night out? If a few people got tuned up, it wasn’t a huge deal as long as nobody went to the hospital. Times change, I suppose.

What doesn’t change though, is bullshit. Mendes will not face any special charges for being a MMA fighter. What he could face, however, is a judge who may not be feeling very lenient considering Mendes is a professional fighter beating up on an average Joe, and hand down the maximum penalty. That’s what he should worry about, not some ridiculous nonsense spoken by a cop talking out of his ass.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Surprised nobody added some blood and a broken beer bottle to that pic of Sucker Punch Mendes.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Keystone Cops IMO

  • iamphoenix says:

    The Fugitive was actually a good movie, this sequel about some dude who just sucker punches some other dude and flees the scene is not worthy of a sequel.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Nothing good will ever come from talking to the police if they are investigating you. He needs to let his lawyer do the talking.

  • frickshun says:

    Wasn’t “US Marshalls” the sequel to The Fugitive. FailWhale.