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When fans play head games

There’s a WEC event in Texas this Sunday and no one is really talking too much about it. But it’s happening, and there are fighters involved that people are pretty big fans of. In one such fight, Phil Cardella is taking on Danny Castillo. Phil is a Texas native and his friends from the Texas Testosterone Festival decided to fuck with his opponent for shits and giggles. Check out the email they sent Danny Castillo:

“Hello Danny,

We’re looking forward to your fight in Corpus Christi for WEC on March 1. We have to admit, we are HUGE Phil Cardella fans and will be cheering for all of the Texas-based fighters on the card.
That being said, we wanted to see if you would be interested in participating in an interview to put on our website, ..www. TexasTestosteroneFestival. com-

Here are our questions-

1) What is your gameplan against Phil Cardella at WEC on March 1?
2) What’s the one part of your game you’re hoping Phil Cardella does not discover or exploit during your fight?
3) Are there any injuries you don’t want Phil Cardella to be aware of?
4) What hotel will you be staying in the night before your fight? What will be the name you’re checked in under?
5) Do your cornermen need directions to the nearest hospital to the American Bank Center?

Thanks for your consideration, Danny. We’d wish you luck with training and in your fight March 1 but we’re really not capable of doing so. We hope you understand.
The Texas Testosterone Festival”

Castillo’s response?

“LOL-Thats really cute!”

So, perhaps including a picture of a naked woman in our email to entice a response backfired.