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When did the UK stop sucking?

So who am I supposed to bag on nationality wise now that UK fighters are sucking less and less? Last night saw 7 fights going the way of Brit fighters, with most of them coming via sheer awesome. I mean seriously … Ross Pearson sucked an entire bus load of cock the last time we saw him fight, but at UFC 105 he pounded on Aaron Riley like a miniature pasty Anderson Silva. He said he spent the last 15 weeks in a training camp, and I was wondering what camp managed to do such miracles in such short time. Bloody Elbow has the answer: Team Rough House.

The most impressive performance came from Team Rough House’s most recognizable veteran in Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy. His surgical counter striking against fleet-handed Mike “Quick” Swick was one of the better performances we saw throughout the evening. Each landed counter left hook devastated the American Kickboxing Academy team member, putting him into a wobbly walk while he tried to escape the oncoming onslaught from Hardy.

Hardy wasn’t the only member of Team Rough House that had an impressive evening. Andre Winner showed immense knockout power by downing BJJ submission fighter Roli Delgado, Nick Osipczak easily dominated the very one-dimensional Matthew Riddle, and Ross Pearson, who trained with Team Rough House extensively for this bout, crushed Aaron Riley with straight jabs and Muay Thai knees on his way to victory. The various aspects of the Team Rough House philosophy to striking were all evident in these bouts.

Also visibly improved: Michael Bisping, who according to Fightlinker Theory of UK No-Jitsu should have been dead meat once he got mounted. Instead, he flowed like the River Thames back into guard every time he was passed.

So whereas before I wondered what the UK would have to do to surpass Canada as an MMA country, now I’m wondering if they’ve already done that. Sure, we’ve still got Georges St Pierre and he’s going to wreck Dan Hardy. But how long can I be all smug about that when he’s pretty much the only Canadian kicking ass and taking names in the major leagues?